I'm Alison Lessard -

Founder of Lessard Luxury Wellness & Spiritual Mentor for Modern Women in Leadership




I'm a Spiritual Mentor, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Teacher, Relationship Coach, Intuitive Healer & Creative Visionary based in Providence, RI with over a decade of experience as a practitioner. I spent many years supporting both women & men in cultivating devotion, intimacy & conscious relationships.

Now I host the TBD podcast & hold group & 1:1 sacred spaces for women in leadership roles who want to embody deeper levels of self/creative expression, personal power, sensual embodiment & spiritual self-mastery.  Powerful women thrive in community of like-minded souls, where we can been seen, witnessed, encouraged & held accountable as we evolve.

My mission is to offer powerful Modern Women - the Artists, Mystics, Creatives, Priestesses, Visionary Leaders, Business Owners & Soulpreneurs - the grounded personal & spiritual empowerment you need to thrive by bringing you the practices & intimate containers to remember your own divinity & become a clear conduit for Source energy, so what you're meant to share with the world is being channeled through you with the highest integrity & love - particularly where it comes to embodied devotion to your soul purpose, creating a legacy & making a greater impact with your art & radical self-expression.

In my group & 1:1 containers, I offer spiritual tools rooted in a direct ancient lineage of Tibetan Buddhism that have led to enlightenment for thousands of years - like specific meditation practices, yogic breathwork & Buddhist philosophy - and show you how to apply all of this potent knowledge to your daily modern lifestyle & your life's work.

After graduating college with a degree in Communications & Fine Arts as a painter, my corporate career started in New York City in my early 20s. I worked for a luxury art gallery in SoHo, NYC & on both the sales/marketing team and opening Executive Team for five-star hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton & other newly-built upscale Manhattan properties. I then spent several years working in Miami, Florida in the wellness industry, where I had my spiritual awakening...and the rest is history


As of 2023, I've had over 10 years of extensive training in intuitive development as a healing arts practitioner & spiritual entrepreneur, serving hundreds of people 1:1 & thousands of others via social media platforms through my art. 

I went to my first Hatha yoga & meditation class in 1999 & have been involved for 20+ years in this industry, including training in a 200 hour YTT, private mentorship as a Meditation Teacher in the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism & ongoing studies with Three Jewels Enlightenment Studio, New York City. 

My spare time is spent making curated playlists & mood boards on Pinterest, telling dirty jokes, drinking copious amounts of espresso, going on hot girl walks in the city & listening to dharma talks.

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Bachelor's Degree in Communications & Fine Arts, specializing in painting. Trained in five-star luxury hospitality & sales and marketing at The Ritz-Carlton, NYC. Certified as a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC in 2012. Equinox-Trained Mat Pilates Teacher NYC & Barre Teacher Miami. I've been working professionally in the Healing Arts since 2012: Usui Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist for 5+ years, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Akashic Records, Feng Shui Consultant (Feng Shui from the Heart with Inessa Freylekhman), Tantric Priestess training (with Chloe Mercer of @sacred_rose_mystery_school) & Tantric teachings of Psalm Isadora, 2022 Sensual Embodiment Facilitator Training with Desiree Monique (@sensualsomatic), 2018 200hr Yoga Teacher Training & have practiced both yoga and meditation in various forms since 1999. In 2023, studying in the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism with Three Jewels in New York City & trained by a private mentor as a Meditation Teacher in that tradition.