Spiritual Mentor & Meditation Teacher

for the Devoted, Radical Visionaries

What if I told you there's an ancient Tibetan Buddhist method to transform your painful, destructive patterns & alchemize your addictive that you don't have to suffer anymore?

Get the FREE 3-part Abundance Alchemy Meditation Series & say goodbye to anxiety & scarcity as you start feeling deeply empowered about creating the reality you want - whether that be with money, in your relationships, with health or your career - instead of powerless to external circumstances.

Includes: Introduction to The Four Forces (5 mins), Releasing Anxiety & Fears of the Unknown Meditation (13 mins) & Releasing Scarcity & Expanding Prosperity Meditation (11 mins)


Only love will set us free.

I'm a Spiritual Mentor & Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Teacher, with over a decade of experience mentoring both women & men in the realm of intuitive development, conscious relationship, deep intimacy & shadow alchemy. I consider myself a potent Catalyst for Spiritual Growth.

Anchor Your Mission in Devotion, Bold Expression & Unshakable Leadership

I empower Devoted Visionaries & Heart-Centered Spiritual Entrepreneurs who want to embody deeper levels of bold & magnetic self-expression, erotic & personal power & spiritual self-mastery, offering ancient wisdom in a modern, practical & relatable way.

Another  core focus of my women's intimacy work (group/1:1) is cultivating deep intimacy while merging the worlds of spirituality & sexuality through meditative & sensual embodiment practice & potent shadow integration. 

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I'm finding that the consistency of the daily practices makes it much easier to make clear decisions & navigate action steps, because I'm connected to my inner knowing.

Torie S. 

These daily meditation & embodiment practices taught me how to break free from stories that kept me stuck. There's no room for victimhood anymore!

Katie R.

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Free - Abundance Alchemy Meditation Series: Transform Anxiety & Scarcity into Power & Prosperity

In this 3-part series, using an ancient Tibetan Buddhist method called The Four Forces, learn how to transform your painful challenges or destructive habits into joy & abundance. Includes: Introduction & two full meditation practices (11 & 13 mins)

[open to all genders]

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Beyond Comparison: an audio series to alchemize Envy, Jealousy & Rejection for Radical Heart-Centered Leaders & Visionary Spiritual Entrepreneurs

This audio & meditation series is designed to help you alchemize Envy, Jealousy & Rejection by transforming it into deeper Devotion, Impact & Service. Includes 2 full classes (an hour each) & a variety of meditation practices, rooted in Tibetan Buddhism 

[open to all genders]

I'm So Ready! $77 USD

90-minute 1:1 Intuitive Clarity Session

Get the clarity you need in 90 minutes, straight to the point, delivered with love. I'll guide you out of confusion & off the fence, as quickly & easily as possible, plus give you tools to use after our call so you've got the confidence to continue progressing on your own.

[open to all genders]

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Free Sensual Embodiment Series

Includes two embodiment practices (Infinity Breath, 11 minutes & Sensuality Practice, 23 minutes), which combine gentle breath with [seated] movement as a way to deepen your sensual connection with your body, amplify your radiance & feminine magnetism & awaken your sexual life-force energy. 

[beginner-level practice; designed for women]

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Return of Venus: 5-week exploration of Sacred Feminine Embodiment (self-paced)


My immersive signature 5-week self-study program for the woman ready to deepen in self-intimacy, enhance her relationship with her body, expand in love & connect with the Divine by deep diving into sacred feminine embodiment & an exploration of yin energy through meditative sensual embodiment practices & more.

[beginner-level practice; women only]

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8 weeks or 3 months of 1:1 Mentorship

For true, lasting breakthroughs, you need to go deeper & 1:1 Mentorship is where we get to do exactly that, in an intimate & personalized setting, for your choice of 8 weeks or 3 months together.

[designed for women but men are welcome to apply, especially if we've worked together in a 1:1 session in the past]

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I don't think it's a coincidence that since doing the meditation & embodiment practices, I'm on track to make my first 5-figure month in my business & it's not even a "busy" period.

Angela K.

I’ve learned to trust & surrender, without giving up my own agency, & feel more empowered than ever before.


Adrienne R.

The only constant in life is change.

Plot twists on your path are guaranteed and I know this firsthand, because I’ve been mastering the art of navigating the unknown for over a decade.

TBD is a mostly solo creative outlet for me to muse on spiritual seeking, where I'll share what I've learned on this path for 20+ years. We'll explore topics like faith & devotion, conscious relationships, deep intimacy & sex, embodied self & creative expression, personal power, potent heart-centered women's leadership and more. Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. 

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