It’s time to slow down, take a deep breath and drop out of your head & into your body.


IMAGINE living intentionally like this - by taking the time to devote to YOU by creating beautiful, sensual daily rituals for your mind, body & spirit that bring you home to yourself.


This is a way of *being* that naturally activates your body's intuitive oracle, your potent sexual life-force energy & the DEEPEST sense of soul-satisfying expansion - in your life, in love, in your business - by simplifying your routines & stripping away all the B.S. that's holding you back from your FULLEST embodiment.


Come a little closer...

"I’m on track to make my first 5-figure month…"
"I’ve unlocked some VERY passionate energy in my relationship…"

Intuitive Mentor, Activator, Mindfulness Queen, Double Fire Sign with a Scorpio Moon & Former NYC Luxury Sales Corporate Baddie turned 10-year Spiritual Healer & Entrepreneur. I also specialize in the arts of Sexual Alchemy and the Magdalene Rose Priestess Path for those who feel a soul calling to reclaim their sexuality as sacred and raise their consciousness using these ancient, magical practices. 


& I'm here as your reminder that conscious living and spiritual growth get to be FUN, PLAYFUL & SEXY, too. 



Let me show you... 

I'm taking you to a...

where your UNIQUE SOUL CODES are the foundation for everything you do, create & embody here on Earth


raw & real Vibes,

as you take an inward journey to meet yourself, strip down to your essence

& remember ALL parts of you are equally worthy.

It's you:

Deeply connected with your Body

Devoted to daily rituals that awaken your sensual self

Tapped into your Sexual & Creative Power

Immersed in powerful soul-led service

that makes you feel alive,

Abundant in prosperity consciousness,

while still honoring your

intuitive body as the Sacred Oracle

& letting yourself be supported

just as much as you serve others.


It’s your turn to be





You ready? Let’s play…A. 





*for women who feel called to the path of the Magdalene Rose Priestess* 


In this 6-part series, I'll guide you out of your head and into your body, which is your intuitive temple of love and consciousness, using meditations + embodiment practices that strengthen the connection to your inner oracle. Your body is a sacred vessel that serves as the bridge between worlds. 
What's included?
  • Introduction video (23 mins)
  • Journey to Meet the Priestess Within guided meditation (27 mins)
  • Infinity Breath practice (11 mins)
  • Sensuality Embodiment practice (23 mins)
  • Womb Clearing practice (15 mins)
  • Enter the Temple of Black Obsidian: Dark Healing Chamber guided meditation (24 mins)





Rated XXX for Adults Only 

Breaking all the rules in the "spiritual" community & making the profane SACRED again, this is THE place for the *juicy*, adults-only conversations on ALL things sex, intimacy, relationships, spirituality/mindfulness lifestyle with an edge & more; send your questions for the Ask Ali segment of the pod on Wednesdays (I'll choose 1-2/week & respond with a dedicated episode) HERE.

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