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Alison Lessard, Founder of Lessard Luxury Wellness, is a wellness expert with an extensive background in holistic health and beauty and has been helping people grow and heal naturally since the start of her career. What began as an obsession with scents and skincare products as a child and then more than one health crisis in adulthood led Alison to seek a path of holistic healing from the inside out.  Over the years, she detoxified her lifestyle and realized that what we put in our body affects us as much as what is in our mind. Healing with foods wasn’t enough. Emotional healing was necessary. Spiritual healing was needed. It really was a holistic journey. 


Alison has authored numerous digital educational resources on relationship healing and intuitive development. She’s brought clarity and understanding to thousands of people navigating the spiritual awakening process via her Youtube videos and her goal is to continue to provide resources to help people live healthier, more radiant lives with the most natural methods possible.  She’s combined her 10+ years in the luxury service industry with her extensive background in the healing arts to create LLW, focused on the art of mindful living.


Alison’s next two ventures are a Youtube series on Natural Beauty Blogging, specializing in helping people detoxify their beauty/skincare routines (particularly to heal inflammation) and launching Lessard Feng Shui, offering online consultations to bring harmony to your home environment.


All content contained in my videos and/or written on this site relates solely to my knowledge, experience and opinion and is for personal development purposes only. I am not a medical doctor, therapist/counselor or licensed mental health professional. You alone are responsible for your choices, decisions or actions in life. Any use of information included on this site is at your own risk and know that you are responsible for what you do with the information you choose to receive from this website and blog. Those under 18 years of age should not use this site except with adult supervision. Any information received here should not be used in place of professional medical and/or psychological treatment.

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