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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." 

-Carl Jung

Get the FREE Erotic Activation Embodiment Series, which combines gentle breath with [seated] movement as a way to activate your sexual life-force energy & bring your erotic magnetism back to life.

Includes: Introduction Video (18 mins) & Erotic Activation Embodiment Practice (24 mins) plus *BONUS* audio: Amplify Joy (14 mins) Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

[beginner-level practice; open to all genders]


In my world, everything is holy & nothing is off-limits.

The Hot & Holy Podcast is a playful, uncensored place to meet at the intersection of Sex and Spirituality. I love diving into all things dark, dirty & taboo, so we learn to bring light to the places most people avoid. In this community, the focus is on merging the Sacred & the Profane. I've been a Conscious Relationship, Intimacy & Union Mentor for over 10 years & I'm also a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner. In my world, everything is holy & nothing is off-limits. 

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Only love will set us free.

I'm an Intimacy Mentor & Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, with over a decade of experience mentoring both women & men in the realm of conscious relationship, deep intimacy, intuitive development, sacred union & shadow alchemy. I consider myself a potent activator & catalyst for accelerated spiritual growth.

Your pleasure is a prayer that brings you back to life.

In my world, eros is the pulse of life, sex is holy & sensuality is sacred. I'll teach you to harness your erotic power through ancient tantric meditative practices, as you learn to cultivate deep intimacy so you're fully claimed in Sacred Union, experiencing the magic of hot, electric sex & feeling turned-on beyond the bedroom.  

Become a love that doesn't leave. 

I truly believe Love & Union are the highest devotional paths to enlightenment. When you commit to love, your soul evolves. In relationship, you see yourself entirely in the other if you're courageous enough to look clearly & navigate the fiery alchemy of conscious connection. 

Sacred Partnership is the ultimate mirror, as your lover will illuminate everything within you & bring it into your conscious awareness for integration -  from the light to the dark. You can never escape yourself on this path. Love will ask you to get uncomfortable, baby! And that's why I'm here to support you.

If you're called to the path of Sacred Union, it's because you're here to anchor in a new template for conscious relationship, rooted in unconditional love, truth & integrity on this planet...

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I'm finding that the consistency of the daily practices makes it much easier to make clear decisions & navigate action steps, because I'm connected to my inner knowing.

Torie S. 

These daily meditation & embodiment practices taught me how to break free from stories that kept me stuck. There's no room for victimhood anymore!

Katie R.

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Free - Abundance Alchemy Meditation Series: Transform Anxiety & Scarcity into Power & Prosperity

In this 3-part series, using an ancient Tibetan Buddhist method called The Four Forces, learn how to transform your painful challenges or destructive habits into joy & abundance. Includes: Introduction & two full meditation practices (11 & 13 mins)

[open to all genders]

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The Vow & Fully Claimed Audio Class Bundle

Get both classes & save with the audio bundle: The Vow: The Key to Calling in Sacred Union if You're Still Single (34 mins) & Fully Claimed: Inspire Their Devotion & Attract a Committed Sacred Partnership (58 mins)

[open to all genders]

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90-minute 1:1 Love Breakthrough Call

Get to the root of what's blocking you from coming into Sacred Union - in 90 minutes, straight to the point, delivered with love. 

[open to all genders]

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Hot & Holy Union Accelerator: 6-Week 1:1 Mentorship

This is an immersive 6-Week 1:1 mentorship designed as a your catalyst to epic, radical change in your romantic life & beyond.

We'll rapidly get to the root of what's blocking you from coming into Union & prepare you for calling in the Sacred Partnership of a lifetime.

[intermediate-advanced level practice, open to all genders. by application only]

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For true, lasting breakthroughs, you need to go deeper & 1:1 Mentorship is where we get to do exactly that, in an intimate & personalized setting, for 3 or 6 months together.

[open to all genders]

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I don't think it's a coincidence that since doing the meditation & embodiment practices, I'm on track to make my first 5-figure month in my business & it's not even a "busy" period.

Angela K.

I’ve learned to trust & surrender, without giving up my own agency, & feel more empowered than ever before.


Adrienne R.


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