It’s time to slow down, take a deep breath and drop out of your head & into your body.


IMAGINE living intentionally like this - by taking the time to devote to YOU by creating beautiful, sensual daily rituals for your mind, body & spirit that bring you home to yourself.


This is a way of *being* that naturally activates your body's intuitive oracle, your potent sexual life-force energy & the DEEPEST sense of soul-satisfying expansion - in your life, in love, in your business - by simplifying your routines & stripping away all the B.S. that's holding you back from your FULLEST embodiment.


Come a little closer...

"I’m on track to make my first 5-figure month…"
"I’ve unlocked some VERY passionate energy in my relationship…"

Intimacy Mentor, Activator, Mindfulness Queen, Double Fire Sign with a Scorpio Moon & Former NYC Luxury Sales Corporate Baddie turned 10+years Spiritual Healer & Entrepreneur. 


I founded Rose Temple & also specialize in the arts of Sexual Alchemy and the Magdalene Priestess Path, for those who feel a soul calling to reclaim their sexuality as sacred and raise their consciousness using these ancient, magical practices. 


I'm here as your reminder that conscious living & spiritual growth get to be PLAYFUL & SEXY, too. 



Let me show you... 

I'm taking you to a...

where LOVE is the foundation



as you meet all layers of yourself, on a path of embodying your soul's essence...

a remembrance that you're already WHOLE & COMPLETE, exactly as you are right now

because Union starts within

It's you:

Deeply connected with your body + open in your heart

 Devoted to daily rituals that awaken your intuitive, sensual self

Tapped into your Sexual Power & Big Creatrix Energy

Awakened to Deeper Intimacy

Immersed in powerful soul-led joy

that makes you feel alive,

Abundant in prosperity consciousness,

while still honoring your

body as the Sacred Oracle

& letting yourself be supported

just as much as you serve others.


It’s your turn to be





You ready? Let’s play…A. 






  • You feel called to devote yourself to love + intimacy, but you’ve been struggling with fears of closeness or avoidance of deeper commitment 


  • You get excited about the concept of intimacy with someone else, but avoid spending intimate time with yourself on a regular basis


  • You spend a lot of time in your head overanalyzing or “trying to figure things out” in relationship + crave a stronger, more intuitive connection to your body to help you relax with the control issues, trust yourself + surrender to love 


  • You’re longing for a Conscious Relationship + Sacred Partnership, but you’ve been having a hard time staying open to the process without shutting down your heart or running for the hills at the first sign of discomfort or vulnerability


  • You want to feel more emotionally secure + less reactive when it comes to your intimate relationships, romantic OR platonic 


  • You know Sacred Union is your soul’s path + it’s time to get off the fence to go ALL IN on it, because living in the fantasy of it isn’t appealing anymore…you want the real deal, in the flesh, skin on skin, heart to heart


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