"Your mind is everything. What you think, you become." - Gautama Buddha

My mission is to give Modern Spiritual & Creative Women - the heart-centered leaders -  access to ancient meditation tools, temple arts & Buddhist teachings in a practical, playful, sensual & super-relatable way.

I'm a Spiritual Mentor, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Teacher, Relationship Coach, Intuitive Healer & Creative Visionary based in Providence, RI with over a decade of experience as a practitioner. I spent many years supporting both women & men in cultivating devotion, intimacy & conscious relationships. Now I hold group & 1:1 sacred spaces for women on the path of Union & Sacred Relationship, as well as those in heart-centered leadership roles who want to embody deeper levels of self/creative expression, personal power, sensual embodiment & spiritual self-mastery.  Powerful women thrive in community of like-minded souls, where we can been seen, witnessed, encouraged & held accountable as we evolve. 


You're a woman, not a machine. I'll support you in creating an intuitive & sensual rhythm for your lifestyle & life's work that honors the cycles of rest & creation. You can be strong & ambitious, while still remaining soft, receptive & open-hearted. You are the conduit & your body is your vessel  to channel the Divine. 


My mission is to offer Modern Heart-Centered Women - the Artists, Mystics, Creatives, Priestesses, Visionary Leaders, Business Owners & Soulpreneurs - grounded personal & spiritual empowerment you need to thrive by bringing you the practices & intimate containers to remember your own divinity & become a clear conduit for Source energy, so that what you're meant to share with the world is being channeled through you with the highest integrity & love - particularly where it comes to embodied devotion to your soul purpose, creating a legacy & making a greater impact with your art & radical self-expression.

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I'm finding that the consistency  of the daily practices makes it much easier to make clear decisions & navigate action steps, because I'm connected to my inner knowing.

Torie S. 

I don't think it's a coincidence that since doing the meditation & embodiment practices, I'm on track to make my first 5-figure month in my business & it's not even a "busy" period.

Angela K.

The only constant in life is change.

Plot twists on your path are guaranteed and I know this firsthand, because I’ve been mastering the art of navigating the unknown for over a decade as an Intuitive Healer, Creative Visionary & Spiritual Entrepreneur.

TBD is a mostly solo creative outlet for me to muse on spiritual seeking, where I'll share what I've learned on this path for 20+ years. We'll explore topics like faith & devotion, conscious relationships, deep intimacy & sex, embodied self & creative expression, personal power, potent heart-centered women's leadership and more. Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

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These daily meditation & embodiment practices gave me personal insight into the areas I needed to raise my consciousness + improve my wellbeing. They opened me up on all levels.

Kim W.

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Ali taught us to always  make time for ourselves. Not only showing up, but how  you show up can make all the difference. 

Kim W.

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These two activations are designed to be used as many times as you desire to cleanse, clear and strengthen your energetic field and crystallize your intentions around two of the most highly charged subjects: Love & Money

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Embodied Feminine Bundle


In this bundle, you’ll dive into your sacred feminine polarity & explore the yin energy to give yourself the gift of slowing down, nourishing yourself with daily meditation + embodiment rituals, tapping into your sensuality to reclaim your pleasure + strengthening your intuitive connection by dropping out of the head + into your body.

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