Your sensuality is sacred.


Our body is our temple, a vessel of love & consciousness.

It's the bridge between the higher realms and this Earthly realm. 

That's why the relationship you have with your body is such an important part of your spiritual awakening, too.


Not only is your body a portal to the Divine, but the intimacy you create with yourself is the foundation of the intimacy in your relationships with others (platonic and romantic).

You can only meet others as deeply as you've gone with yourself. 


Over the last 20 years of spiritual seeking, I found that many classic meditation practices felt rigid & dogmatic. They didn't take into account the feminine energetics or sensuality at all. In fact, many "spiritual" practices shun or avoid integrating sensual & sexual energy, seeing it as taboo, when in truth these energies are sacred.

In addition, women are cyclical beings. Our emotions, our energy & our hormones fluctuate. We go through many different cycles during each month, just like the moon does. A rigid, uber-logical approach to our growth & transformation - especially where intimacy is concerned - really isn't the best fit. 

In fact, no matter how society tries to condition us that productivity is all that matters & that's what makes us "good enough" or worthy, we simply aren't designed to do, do do, go, go, go. It's exhausting, right? 


Your body needs...Rest. Nurturing. Love. Presence. 


A lot of spiritual practices also have a heavy focus on bringing the energy UPWARDS - up the spine & through the crown chakra - however too much emphasis on energy rising can create a sense of feeling spaced out or ungrounded.

We also need descending power, that's rooted & centered & sensually alive. 

These embodiment practices are a way to deepen the sensual connection with your body, as well as feel calmer & more centered here in the physical realm. 

You'll gently activate your sensual energy by bringing breath & movement into the LOWER part of the body (lower belly/womb, hips & pelvic area), the seat of your sexual life-force energy. 


My intention for creating these embodiment practices is to remind you:

Pleasure is your birthright and Sensuality is your divine nature.


Self-care & mindfulness practices can be pleasurable, too. It doesn't all need to be ‚Äúhard‚ÄĚ, rigid or feel like a chore to be¬†incredibly powerful & effective.¬†

Softer, more subtle practices like these are how I shifted my entire mindset around self-care & daily spiritual practice, because I realized we're already whole & complete as we are. You're not a "project" that needs fixing, criticism or punishment. What you need is nourishment & love on a daily basis. 

These gentle breath & [seated] movement practices are a way to slow down, deepen the intuitive & sensual connection to your own body, amplify your radiance & awaken your sexual life-force energy. 


This free 2-part video series is for you if you're a woman who'd like to:

  • Say goodbye to burn-out by slowing down & creating gentle daily rituals that feel nurturing & nourishing¬†
  • Get out of your head (& busy, overthinking mind) by dropping into your body instead
  • Deepen your own sensual connection
  • Release any fear, guilt or shame about what it means to be a "sensually embodied" woman
  • ¬†Amplify your radiance & feminine magnetism
  • Awaken your creative, sexual life-force energy
  • Attract a loving, conscious relationship because you're embodying the love & devotion you want to receive (this is¬†why daily¬†spiritual practice is essential - to shift your energy from within)
  • Cultivate deeper intimacy in your life, so you're feeling fully seen & cherished¬†
  • Receive easily & effortlessly from others in a way that feels mutually-nourishing, rather than always being the over-giver in your relationships
  • Learn how to slow down & trust the power of your feminine/yin energy, especially if:
    • you tend to resist rest because you feel guilty or because limiting beliefs around scarcity creep in when you're not "working hard"
    • you struggle with control issues
    • your "self-care" is always being put on the backburner,¬†rather than embraced & prioritized as a sacred daily ritual
    • you're very action-oriented, but rarely take days off to totally relax & reset your energy
    • you're hyper-focused on "getting things done" to the point of exhaustion
    • you feel "safer" in your logical mind, but disconnected from your body¬†


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