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Embodied Feminine Bundle

Welcome to the power + potency of your Sacred Feminine polarity. 

In this bundle, you’ll dive into the Yin energy and give yourself the gift of:

-slowing down

-rest and nourishment (bye bye to burnout)

-tapping into your sensuality + primal sexual energy through guided meditations + embodiment practices

-learning how to lean into your "dark feminine" side with love and compassion (instead of avoiding or rejecting it) and alchemize it into your power (aka: how to "do" shadow work)

-releasing distorted conditioning/beliefs around the Feminine or Masculine (sisterhood wounds, anger, mistrust or resentment towards women or men, jealousy, envy, etc.)

-gaining confidence around your own unapologetic and creative self-expression

-strengthening your intuitive connection + cultivating deep self-trust

-and reclaiming your pleasure (while gently releasing any guilt, fear or shame, especially related to sensuality/sex) 

My wish is that daily self-care, feeling sensually + sexually alive + your wellness/spiritual rituals aren't just a "luxury", but a *non-negotiable*; to say goodbye to burnout *forever*, honoring your body beyond "doing" or "productivity" and moving in service of this nourished, peaceful energy. 

Included in this bundle:

*Return of Venus - 5 week exploration of Sacred Feminine Embodiment (videos, weekly journaling prompts, embodiment exercises + guided meditations)

  • Week 1: Vulnerability
  • Week 2. Expression
  • Week 3: Nurturing and Nourishment
  • Week 4: Union - The Feminine and Masculine Polarities
  • Week 5. Sensuality and Sacred Sexuality

*Shadow to Shekinah: Alchemy of the Dark Feminine Masterclass (Video, 88 minutes) 

*Feng Shui Your Bedroom for Love & Romance Workshop (video, 90 mins)

*Jade Egg Secrets: Awakening Your Sexual Power & Feminine Magnetism (video, 19 minutes + PDF, 53 pages)

*Magic of Purification 90-min Meditation Workshop (video, 90 mins)

*Return of Venus Gentle Embodiment Playlist on Spotify (link included)

*Juicy Reading Recommendations - A Curated List of My Favs on Divine Feminine, Love, Sex & Tantric Healing (PDF doc, 3 pages)

*Awaken Your Inner Priestess Series

  • Introduction video (23 mins)

  • Journey to Meet the Priestess Within guided meditation (27 mins)

  • Infinity Breath practice (11 mins)

  • Sensuality Embodiment practice (23 mins)

  • Womb Clearing practice (15 mins)

  • Enter the Temple of Black Obsidian: Dark Healing Chamber guided meditation (24 mins) 

*Daily AM/PM Guided Meditation Series

  • Introduction video (17 mins)

  • Morning Daily Guided Meditation (7 mins)

  • Evening Daily Guided Meditation (8 mins)