Get the clarity you need  - in 90 minutes, straight to the point, delivered with love. 


Let's be honest...feeling confused or unsure about what step to take next isn't the vibe.

Good news is this: it doesn't have to take long to receive the clarity you need to get things moving in the right direction. 

This is where I come in to support you.

I've been working with people all over the world as an Intuitive Mentor for over 10 years & after hundreds of successful 1:1 sessions, my gift to you is getting right to the root of your issue & clearly identifying the core pattern(s) that have been keeping you stuck or confused, in very little time. From there, I'll be able to guide you effectively through any questions you have.  

Here's the honest truth about "being unsure":  Even when you're overthinking, procrastinating, in a void space or drowning in "confusion", you often already know, on a very deep level, what you need.

You're either resisting hearing it (because that means change & change means facing the unknown) or you are clearly hearing your inner guidance & you're ignoring it, rather than taking that next important step (and avoidance causes more self-doubt, because to build trust in yourself, you've got to take action & move through the fear, not away from it). 

My job is to cut through the white noise & deliver the truth, swiftly, with plenty of love & compassion - because I get it & I've been there, too. 

In our 90-minute session: I'll offer you the clarity you're seeking to get you out of confusion & off the fence, as quickly & easily as possible, plus tools to use after our call so you're not just left hanging, but instead have next steps to follow to keep the momentum going & the confidence to continue progressing on your own.

My methodology is: I use a combination of channeled intuitive guidance (which I start to receive as soon as we begin talking & sometimes even before we connect 1:1...because that's how my intuition works), along with divination tools like tarot or oracle cards for even more detailed support. 


Some of the things we can address on an Intuitive Clarity Session are:

  • Questions about your spiritual business or direction (your branding, your visuals, your copy or messaging)
  • When you're at a crossroads & need to make a big decision, but aren't sure what¬†choice to make or need to get momentum¬†rolling¬†again after a quiet period
  • Issues in your relationships and/or love life¬†
  • Career challenges and/or transitions of any kind¬†
  • Questions about your finances and/or how to improve your money flow
  • Questions about your spiritual path and/or you're wanting to create a spiritual practice (like meditation) & need guidance on how to begin, how to¬†create¬†a consistent routine, how to create an altar, etc.


Your follow-up email will include recommendations on how to keep your progress going after your session is done, plus additional resources like:

  • Personalized guidance on next steps to take, depending on what came up during your session
  • Tibetan Buddhist Guided Meditations, recorded by yours truly, with the themes (love, abundance, purification, etc.) that support your personalized¬†needs
  • Sensual Embodiment processes to drop out of your head & into your body, create deeper intimacy & have a meditative practice that isn't just working from the neck-up (especially good for my over-thinkers & those who need more grounding & sensual awareness)
  • Specific book recommendations, with links to purchase to make it easy¬†
  • Links to any of my bundles, courses or offers that will help you even further
  • And more...

90-minute Intuitive Clarity Session: 


Note on filling out your intake form after you book:

Once you book your session, you'll be redirected to a Confirmation Page, where you'll see a link for your Intake Form to fill out prior to our call (via a Google Form) so that I understand your intentions & desires for the session & we use our time effectively. I'll need your Intake Form sent back to me completed at least 48 hours prior to your session.

What people are saying...

To make sure you're prepared for your session: 

Please plan on being in a quiet, uninterrupted area for the entire duration of your call.

Your session will be recorded  & the replay will be sent to you after the call, included as part of your follow-up email. You don't need to take notes since you'll receive the replay, but if you'd like to bring a pen/journal to write things down, you're welcome to do so.

CANCELLATION POLICY NOTE: To cancel or reschedule your appointment, you must reach out ***at least 72 hours in advance of your scheduled call*** to do so; otherwise you will be charged the full amount, regardless of whether you show up for the call or not. Full refunds will be granted IF you cancel at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled booking. Otherwise, no other refunds are available, so please book your appointment with clear intentions.