How do you know if this 60-minute free class is for you? 


✧You're intrigued to learn how Conscious Relationship is the art of advanced spiritual practice + how to use *any* relationship - platonic OR romantic - as a way to raise your consciousness + get enlightened

(hint: especially the connections that you find most challenging or irritating, as those are your greatest spiritual teachers, baby!)


You're interested in understanding how a simple, daily meditation practice will train your mind to be more aware + intentional in relationship so you can dissolve drama, deepen your emotional connections + radically improve intimacy in ways you never imagined were possible

(including with people you've judged harshly, lol...we're gonna dive into all of this)


You want to leave feeling empowered with helpful + effective mindfulness tools to continue using after class to keep cultivating *more bliss* + *relationship harmony*


Relationship is one of the most accelerated vehicles to raise our consciousness that we've got available. I'm going to show you how to start practicing *now* - exactly where you are + with whomever is in your orbit - not later when the "perfect" person appears or the "ideal" circumstances arise. 

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P.S. this is absolutely for *all genders*