How do you know if this 60-minute free class is for you? 


✧You're intrigued to learn how Conscious Relationship is the art of advanced spiritual practice + how to use *any* relationship - platonic OR romantic - as a way to raise your consciousness + get enlightened

(hint: especially the connections that you find most challenging or irritating, as those are your greatest spiritual teachers, baby!)


‚úßYou're interested in understanding how a simple, daily meditation practice will train your mind to be more aware + intentional in relationship so you can dissolve drama, deepen your emotional connections + radically improve intimacy in ways you never imagined were possible

(including with people you've judged harshly, lol...we're gonna dive into all of this)


✧You want to leave feeling empowered with helpful + effective mindfulness tools to continue using after class to keep cultivating *more bliss* + *relationship harmony*


Relationship is one of the most accelerated vehicles to raise our consciousness that we've got available. I'm going to show you how to start practicing *now* - exactly where you are + with whomever is in your orbit - not later when the "perfect" person appears or the "ideal" circumstances arise. 

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P.S. this is absolutely for *all genders*