The ability to stay anchored in your higher vision, unshakable in your leadership & embodied in your most magnetic expression when your deepest insecurities get activated  is what sets apart the Radical Heart-Centered Leaders & Visionary Spiritual Entrepreneurs who endure...


...because they're the ones unconditionally devoted to their mission, building the strong inner foundation needed for a lasting legacy & alchemizing their fears into power, no matter what  gets stirred up along the way.


After over a decade of personal experience being in this business myself, I can tell you that to have integrity & staying power in this industry - while also being entirely true to yourself & your radical visionary ideas - you need to be intrinsically connected to:

ūüĒ•the deeper meaning¬†that fuels your mission (& not just in it unconsciously chasing money or external validation to feel more "secure")

& also have the skills to:

ūüĒ•effectively alchemize your shadow,¬†so your fears don't derail your vision, sabotage your impact or destroy your ability to powerfully lead your community through all the ups & downs that life inevitably¬†delivers.¬†


This program is designed to be a bridge...

⚡from any mediocrity you've been tolerating that's fueling the envy, jealousy & rejection...


⚡the power, purpose & impact you're here to create, once you decide to take the leap & transform those limiting patterns at the root.

There's a reason I teach this kind of Shadow Alchemy...

‚ö°I've always been in the taboo lane of spiritual entrepreneurs.ūüėĚ

One of the pillars of my business is Devotion. Another is Sensual Embodiment, because our erotic, life-force energy is an aspect of our power (especially as women) that's deeply misunderstood. I've been merging the worlds of spirituality & sexuality for years...and it confuses & activates the f*ck out of a lot of people.

Enter: Lessons¬†in¬†envy, jealousy & rejection x 1000.ūüėā

For years, I¬†struggled¬†with wanting to fit in, so I¬†was like a professional lone wolf. I longed for peer support & a loyal community, but was either perceived as¬†too edgy¬†for most "spiritual" people or I was holding way back¬†in an attempt to be more mainstream & palatable, which actually killed my magnetism , constricted my power & made me MORE invisible online.ūüė≠

This meant facing rejection head-on¬†(enter: childhood playground traumas of being last-picked, lol), because while I didn't "blend" with most spiritual circles, when I toned it down to appeal to more people -¬† I didn't attract the right community that was fully resonant with my truest energy. What I've learned along the way was this: Part of raising our consciousness means bridging the gaps of perceived "separation" & embodying¬†ALL parts of ourselves,¬†unapologetically.ūüĒ•

I used to deeply envy  the thriving, sensually-alive women entrepreneurs I saw online...

...the ones effortlessly embodying their radiance, feminine magnetism & playfulness, while offering fierce spiritual teachings. The ones with the turned-on lives who weren't working themselves into the ground 24/7 until they were burned-out, yet were building a solid, purpose-driven business that honored their softer side, too.

I wanted what they had (this is why I quit my corporate job years back, because I was chronically ill in hustle-mode), but what I had to do first was alchemize my own envy/jealousy & realize *my* powerful, authentic embodiment was hiding underneath all that resentment. Once you start alchemizing your shadow, it actually gets way more fun to dance with these¬†polarities.¬†Then, guess what? I even went & hired a few of those women to teach me!¬†ūüėĚ

If you want to release suffering & serve from your power, then bringing your shadows into the light & transforming them is a non-negotiable on this path. 

ūüĒ•And this is why a¬†calling¬†isn't just "a business".¬†

If you're interested in building the most honest, transparent legacy of revolutionary, heart-centered & spiritually-grounded work that's *SO YOU, IT'S BEYOND COMPARISON* - you've got to be committed to getting into the trenches of alchemy & staying completely devoted to your highest vision throughout all your seasons of growth.  

Envy, Jealousy & Fears of Rejection

are three of the most common ways you:

‚ĚƬ†unconsciously¬†dilute your power


‚ĚĆprevent yourself from experiencing true abundance - the kind rooted in compassion, generosity & love

In truth, these 3 patterns are all just ⚡data⚡ informing you about your own unrealized potential & what you're here to express & embody. Let them INSPIRE you to go for what you really want, instead. 

Ultimately you've got to understand how to work *with* your insecurities -¬† instead of denying or resisting them - so your unconscious mind isn't sabotaging your growth & leadership abilities.¬†No matter how much you've¬†already achieved,¬†new phases of evolution = new resistance, because: New Level, New Devil.¬†ūüėÖūüĎĻ

Have you noticed that when you're feeling wobbly or insecure, you attract clients who are equally as indecisive & unsure of themselves? Or when you're hiding your true self, you call in people who are suddenly repulsed when you slip & show off the bolder parts of you that you've been repressing? Rather than complaining or demanding they change, you need to be the change you want to see.

‚ö°You've got to go first, babe.¬†Your shadow is the gateway to your power.ūüĒ•

There's a Tibetan Buddhist solution that addresses these insecurities at the root & transforms them into abundance & power, so you won't keep cycling through the same painful patterns on repeat.

In Buddhism, our resistance, obsessive behavior or sabotaging thought patterns are simply acknowledged as habits of the mind.

ūüĒ•Through meditation, we habituate & rewire our mind in ways that serve our highest potential.¬†¬†

As a leader, you're here to pave the way...

‚ĚĆnot by being some "perfect" person on a pedestal

but rather by:

⚡showing others the path forward while also transforming your own insecurities & doubt it's up to you to be the alchemist, baby.ūüíé

In Beyond Comparison, you’ll learn an ancient method to transform envy, jealousy & rejection, as well as receive Tibetan Buddhist wisdom on how to make your mind fertile ground for the highest empowerment possible, so you can keep showing up as the Visionary Leader you're here to be, instead of getting caught up in comparisons, competition & emotional drama.

You'll learn how to address¬†your shadow aspects in the most effective way possible - with radical ownership - so you're able to¬†stay focused on your mission & devoted to serving your community, no matter what arises.¬†ūüĒ•ūüôŹ

You want:

‚ö°the skills to remain consistent, resilient AF & grounded in your mission when your fears are activated, even in the face of harsh judgments, periods of silence, low engagement or other perceived ‚Äúfailures‚ÄĚ

‚ö°to fearlessly embody your power & stop playing small to avoid ‚Äúrejection‚ÄĚ or other people‚Äôs projections

‚ö°to stop unconsciously creating scarcity, because you‚Äôre actually terrified of ‚Äúsuccess‚ÄĚ (who would you be & how would people react if you DID get what you wanted? what stories would have to die?)

‚ö°to trust your bold, activating energy & highest truth in your messaging, regardless of how polarizing it is or who it pisses off

‚ö°to do radical & revolutionary shit that nobody else is doing yet & have the confidence to be a trailblazer, even before you find your people who "get it"

⚡ride-or-die dream community or clients who are equally as committed to the necessary shadow work to transform 

‚ö°to stand out & have lasting power in the sea-of-sameness in your industry, because of your deep devotion, integrity & embodiment of your mission

 ⚡to create a thriving, turned-on life that lights you the f*ck up (no matter who gets jealous or resentful) & also honors your rest, emotional cycles & pleasure, because burn-out isn't a marker of "success" for you anymore


ūüĒ•This is your life's work that requires total commitment & intentionally burning through the discomfort, not a cute little fling that you're gonna abandon¬†as soon¬†things get hard.¬†With that said, I¬†still want you to play & have¬†fun along the way (because when you integrate your shadows, it gets soooo much¬†easier to do both, promise).ūüíč

So much of what you desire is possible, but if you don't address your shadow directly & alchemize it, it's like having an old-ass computer program in your mind that hasn't been updated in 25 years silently running (and sabotaging) your entire life. You'll keep (unconsciously) creating the same painful patterns - like scarcity & frustration - on repeat.

‚ö°You've got to face your fears of Envy, Jealousy & Rejection directly, with love & wisdom to change things at the root. And that's what we'll do inside of Beyond Comparison.

 This series will help you:

‚ö°face the fears of the unknown with more confidence, so you're not letting the "what-ifs" hold you back anymore

‚ö°transition from a crappy 9-to-5 that's a "security net" (but you hate it) into the kind of well-paid & soul-satisfying career you ACTUALLY want

‚ö°purify envy, jealousy & rejection so you step into YOUR power, instead of watching others live the life YOU LONG TO LIVE

‚ö°release patterns of fear, scarcity, self-doubt & overwhelm that are keeping you settling for BREADCRUMBS, when what you really want is a feast (of joy, abundance, dream clients, creative fulfillment, etc.)

‚ö°tap into YOUR highest potential, so you're not silently watching others get what you want simply because you were too afraid to take the leap

⚡cultivate the self-trust to keep moving forward, instead of continuing to back out on your dreams when things get hard 

‚ö°build the resilience to be a powerful leader (whether you're leading yourself or others) who inspires other people because of your integrity & devotion to your mission (not because you only tell them what they want to hear ūüėā)

This audio & meditation series is for you if you'd like to:

⚡understand how envy & jealousy are showing you your own unrealized potential, so you can stop trying to copy other successful leaders in your industry (this never works -  people feel when you're incongruent) & confidently embody your unique gifts & talents, which is what your community actually needs from you

⚡stop getting caught up in comparison-itis, competition or imposter syndrome that block your most magnetic self-expression & water down your impact (BOTH of which you need to stand out as an your authority in your niche)

‚ö°learn how to reframe rejection & turn it into an empowerment, rather than taking it personally by ghosting your own work or allowing it to derail your progress for weeks, months or more

⚡have the emotional & energetic capacity to increase your visibility & reach more people who need your offerings, without unconsciously sabotaging it because you’re scared of how others will react when you're not playing small to keep them comfortable anymore 

⚡rise into higher levels of leadership with the conviction to withstand the heat that comes along with more personal responsibility  (aka: say goodbye to people-pleasing & Peter-Pan syndrome & hello to decisiveness during challenges, devotion beyond the temporary recognition & embracing long-term commitment) 

‚ö°learn how to play with your shadow aspects as fuel for growth, smile at your pain with gratitude¬†(because it's desperately trying to teach you something you've been avoiding) & fearlessly dance in the polarities of light & dark, instead of being terrified & letting your shadow unconsciously sabotage your life (think: Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott, because IYKYK ūüíč)

Beyond Comparison Audio Series

$77 USD


  • (54 mins) class¬†on¬†Applying Tibetan Buddhist Wisdom to Alchemize Envy, Jealousy & Rejection
  • (1 hr 6 mins) class¬†on¬†Deeper Devotion, Impact & Service -¬†Both classes include written outlines & offer guidance on how to¬†transform these patterns from a Buddhist perspective,¬†using specific meditation techniques & philosophy, along¬†with personal anecdotes (how I apply ancient teachings to a modern & spicy online businessūüėĚ) plus tangible, practice ways to apply this information immediately to support your path as a heart-centered, visionary spiritual entrepreneur
  • Alchemizing Envy & Jealousy Meditation (12 mins)¬†
  • Alchemizing Rejection Meditation (13 mins) -Both alchemy meditations use¬†an¬†ancient Tibetan Buddhist method called The Four Forces¬†designed to¬†purify painful patterns¬†& transform them into abundance & empowermentūüĒ•
  • 4 *BONUS* practices:
  • Amplifying Your Joy Meditation¬†(11 mins)
  • Boosting Confidence & Self Trust Meditation¬†(10 mins)¬†
  • Releasing Self-Sabotage Meditation¬†(12 mins)¬†
  • Short Grounding Embodiment Practice (5 mins)
  • 1:1 OPTION (available at check-out) - if you'd like extra support &¬†personalized guidance, you can include a 45-minute Intuitive Clarity Session¬†for only an additional $166 USD