What if I told you there's an ancient Tibetan Buddhist method to:


transform your painful, destructive patterns & alchemize your addictive habits


...so that you don't have to suffer anymore? 


Say goodbye to anxiety & scarcity as you start feeling deeply empowered about creating the reality you want - whether that be with money, in your relationships, with health or your career - instead of powerless to external circumstances.


This free 3-part meditation series is for you if you'd like to:

  • Release your anxiety about the unknown & let go of your tendency to worry yourself sick when you feel like things are out of your control
  • Navigate periods of uncertainty in your life with more confidence¬†
  • Stay grounded & focused, even when your outside world feels unstable or chaotic
  • Boost your finances in a way that's rooted in love & generosity (instead of fear)
  • Stop being afraid that "there isn't going to be enough" (love, money,¬†time, etc.)
  • Release crippling fears about the what the future holds, particularly if you're in a void period & have no idea what's coming next
  • Become a magnet for prosperity in all forms - not just cash flow, but also things like: emotional support, kindness from others, inner peace, more energy to do what you love, etc.


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Includes: Introduction to the Four Forces (5 mins), Releasing Anxiety & Fears of the Unknown Meditation (13 mins) & Releasing Scarcity & Expanding Prosperity Meditation (11 mins)

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