...because deep down you already know you're a Bad Bitch with a Big Heart here to tap into your multidimensional nature + birth powerful, incredible magic into the world.


This is a playful, creative & juicy mastermind space for Intuitive, Visionary Soulpreneurs to devote yourself to a daily spiritual practice (eh hem, get in touch with your soul for that *soul*-led biz) + bring your BIG dreams into reality in a way that inspires you to jump out of bed in the morning, genuinely excited + lit up about your purpose.


And in this realm, your business isn't just a way to "pay the bills" or get quick hits of validation from other's a divine assignment, a devotion to your deepest *why*. You've reached the point where shrinking or toning down your message is no longer an option; it's your season to embody bold + radiant confidence, as you unapologetically share your gifts.


You know it's time to blast through your current plateau + glide into your Next Level with finesse. 



You're ready to go from feeling stuck, stalling out, procrastinating or overwhelmed, like "WTF is my next step!?"




"I'm moving into my Main Character Energy", vision is crystallized + your magical ass is finally moving in a clear direction.



How to know if The Luminous Woman is for you...


The Luminous Woman is the space where you'll go from endlessly fantasizing about the things on your vision board to actually experiencing them in real time.


 And you aren't just looking for another "logical" program or e-course to get you there. You've been there + done that, so you know by now that there's not only more nuance to this process (you feel it's time to EMBODY the shift energetically from within, not just "do" something about it), but frankly you're transcending being stuck in your head or wading through your wounds as the only way forward. Plus, you're feeling the pull to a slower, more mindful, sensual lifestyle, but you also have an edge (so the flowy "soft-girl-only" vibes of a lot of "feminine" groups or coaches don't resonate).


This is for you if you're ready for a new way, a Multidimensional Portal into your wildest dreams...


...where you get to evolve through *joy* (not endless, heavy AF "processing"), *humor* (like dirty jokes + F-bombs - my specialty, lol) AND tools that you can implement in short bursts that create *tangible* results, without spending hours on end "doing the work". 


This is you diving into *daily* spiritual practice (this gets the momentum building) that feels like playful, sensual ritual, as you use the energy you harness in your practice to manifest your dreams and watch them drop from the ethers into your physical, 3D reality in a way that feels so much easier + sweeter.


(I promise, most people are making it way harder than it needs to be).


You're done with hustle-culture or "busy work" inside of group programs and ready to rewrite your "success" story in your life to: You, deeply fulfilled in a state of relaxation + nourishment (while everything still gets done), because you know this is THE FUCKING VIBE your soul has been craving.🔥


Here's what you can expect...

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*for Intuitive,Visionary Women*


5 days of Creative, Sensual & Intentional Daily Rituals


to bring your BIG dreams into reality + get you from feeling like “WTF is my next step?!” to “ I’m moving into my Main Character Energy”, vision crystallized & your magical booty *finally* moving in a clear direction!


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I was living in my parent's spare bedroom at almost 40 years old. I had no money + no clue what to do next... 


...after years of doing the heavy shadow work, getting certifications, "inner child" style healing, taking the courses, thousands of journal prompts, seeing healers, reading books + seeing hundreds of 1:1 clients in my own intuitive healing arts practice. The first iteration of my online business basically died and needed to be reborn. After 8 years, I'd made a ton of progress, but I also felt like I was hitting a wall.


1. I started to realize Less truly is More (when it's conscious + intentional).


2. My soul needed to lighten the fuck up again.


I craved Joy. Fun. Laughter. Lightness. Less focus on always "doing" + more focus on LIVING. And I'm not talking in a way that was bypassing the darkness, but rather a more integrated way.


I started applying these concepts of slowing down, daily spiritual practice (I kept it short + simple, like easy guided meditations or breathwork) combined eventually with more advanced tantric sexual alchemy meditations, sensual embodiment, way more time to play (you aren't a machine here to "work on yourself" til you die, babe) + creating a monthly vision to how I wanted to expand my business. I decided the days of working from the neck-up or only a linear approach had to go. 


I practiced this method for a year on myself + was suddenly...

back in motion after several years of plateauing, feeling stuck + unclear on my next step (this included living with family for almost 6 years to build this biz - not exactly paradise when you're in your late 30s).


I went from being trapped in my mind + feeling stagnant to on my way to building a 6-figure business (in full integrity with *zero burnout*, because daily joy, self-care + mindfulness practices are my top priority), from $0 in 2020 to a $70K launch at the end of 2021 and I finally made the step from Solopreneur (after almost a decade) to CEO by hiring a team. I also moved into my dreamy city apartment, able to support myself fully doing what I love, after half a decade living in my parent's spare bedroom to get here (because I didn't choose any "quick fix" or short-cuts; I tuned out the white noise + went inward, into my own devotion to cultivate a daily spiritual connection, knowing my body is the vessel for service). Last but not least, I had a much slower, simpler, more minimal lifestyle...and I realized I was happy. Genuinely happy.


I wasn't chasing success anymore. I felt "successful" from within.


This is why external shifts started appearing, to match that inner feeling. And I cultivated this skill to FEEL IT FIRST (loved, wealthy, free, etc.) during those periods of my life when I felt the MOST restricted + when my outer world didn't match what I desired yet. I knew I had to EMBODY it for it to show up outside of me. As within, so without.


So when I tell you this shit works like magic, I'm not joking. This wouldn't have happened without the daily rituals + spiritual practices, devotion to my deepest *why* + commitment to the bigger vision, when when I had no fucking clue how it would come together.


And I wasn't the only one seeing results.

here's how *deeply transformational*  this can be for you, too...

"I'm on track to make my first 5-figure month..."
"I don't think is a coincidence [since doing the embodiment practices], I'm on track to make my first 5-figure month, and it's not even a "busy" period." - Angela K.
"I feel like my path is so clear + activated..."
"I can't even describe the shifts I'm having. I feel like my path is so clear + activated. I've been creating playlists + clothing to match my new vibes. I've done this kind of manifestation work before, it's a fucking vibe!" - Torie S.


As I shared my signature method with clients, it lit them up from the inside out, too.


They started glowing, feeling alive + newly inspired after dry spells + began experiencing magical, unexpected shifts like:


$10K + $33K pay increases


- speaking big truth after years of people-pleasing + holding back


-feeling like their path became clear + activated after years of confusion


-first 5-figure month during a "slow" period


-deeper emotional intimacy in relationships (instead of work always being the priority + burnout creating conflict)


-getting naked + actually feeling good about their reflection in the mirror


-juicier sex (instead of feeling so depleted that intimacy was dying a slow death)...


Even though the practices were gentle + seemingly "subtle", the even deeper power this was having on their subconscious mind, nervous system, auric field + consciousness was potent


 Here's the Official Playlist to drop into the vibe...

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Enter the Juicy Spiritual Portal + Potent Community of Visionary Women you’ve been waiting for...

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