“Alison, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, support and guidance over the last 10 days.  I cannot believe how my life has changed since our AMAZING online session.  Not just in my Twin Flame journey, but in my life in general. I cannot express in words how thankful I am that my guides led me to you on YouTube that day.  You have changed my life so much and I am so grateful. I felt instantly at ease with you, you have such amazing energy and such a great sense of humour, it was like talking to someone whom I had known for a lifetime. I really appreciate all your advise since the reading too, and it is just so comforting to know that you can relate, as you yourself are on your own twin flame path. Lots and lots of love!” Anne-Marie, Western Australia

LIMITLESS. Where to begin, Ali. You are such a beautiful light. Not only do you tune in with wisdom, love and kindness, but you connect in a way as if meeting up with an old friend. Your insight resonated on energetic levels reminding me of my own sense of knowing and purpose. How does one even begin to thank another for that? The follow up work you sent was/is as equally beautiful and spot on. I am filled gratitude and peace. You are touching and healing so many with your work. Thank you. “- Kimberly C., California

“Hi Ali, Thank you again for everything you’re doing for all of us to help us to stay on our divine path and keep the faith. I so appreciate your generosity and would highly recommend your intuitive reading sessions to anyone who wants the real “deal”. The guidance I’ve received from your reading has been invaluable and continues to help guide me everyday. You offer so much above and beyond the price point you set, which I feel is very reasonable for all the work that you do and the free resources that you so generously provide for everyone.  I am so grateful my angels sent your love and guidance my way :).” Melissa, New York, NY

“I feel so blessed to have connected. Every session with Ali is a lift of the spirits and leaves me feeling loved, guided, and gifted. Her amazing insight and energy is simultaneously of divine and authentic nature. Nothing phony or forced. I’ve always been attracted to astrology, tarot, and all things spiritual but life does not allow me to fully dive in and immerse myself in learning everything there is to know, for now. Ali’s passion and dedication to her life’s purpose and to be of service to others gives me strength in each day.” Erica C., Massachusetts

It is better than therapy. Alison makes you feel at ease, even when discussing your inner “demons”. She sends you an audio file which is great because you can fully concentrate on your conversation with her instead of trying to write everything down. She also follows up with tons of reading/listening material that may be of interest after your session. I recommend her readings to anyone that wants to learn more about themselves and how to work with that new knowledge. Commitment is needed for best results.” Stephanie F., Miami, FL

“Working with Alison 1-on-1 has been such a blessing and one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! Her honestly is a breath of fresh air and her tough-love approach is both effective and full of compassion and understanding. She truly embodies what she teaches. Her wisdom, insight and resources helped to light the way for my own healing journey.
” – Samantha G., Wisconsin

“Alison’s intuitive advising session gave me comfort in the path I am taking. She reinforced my life’s purpose and gave me a better understanding on who I am. When I asked her specific questions about people in my life, she was spot on, quickly responsive and gave great advice on how to handle moving forward. Because of Alison’s reading, I am living with more purpose in what I do and have a clear understanding on where I am going.” -Kathleen T., Miami, FL

“Alison, thank you so much for the tarot reading! I can’t say how much I enjoyed it and how helpful it was. I’m still buzzing and full of energy! Can’t wait to put your advice into action. You’re so amazing! I loved connecting with you and the reading was beautiful!! Can’t express how much I needed this and how appreciative I am.” – Wendy F., Baton Rouge, LA

“Alison, thank you so much for reading my charts and cards last week. Your wisdom and kindness, combined with the accuracy of what we discussed surrounding my charts, have already led me to make many positive changes in my life. Based on the work you did with me, I feel better now knowing the steps I need to make toward self improvement and increased happiness.Thank you so much for your guidance and support.” -Alissa C., Brooklyn, NY

“I can’t thank you enough for your guidance during my intuitive advising session!!!! It was so powerful, revealing and enjoyable to talk with you!” -Roxana A. Vilalta, Miami, FL

Alison’s intuitive reading gave me goosebumps; it was amazing! Accurate and helpful, as it offered great insight on many aspects!” -Patricia Lopez, Miami, FL

“One of my colleagues connected me with Ali, and I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with her. Enlightening and Empowering! Ali helped me understand why I have reached a major turning point in my life and what steps I need to take to create a more happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Her reading was intuitive and insightful, and she provided me with so many helpful resources to support me in my journey. Ali, thank you for your support and guidance!” Julia S., USA

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