...you can only meet another in Deep Intimacy as deeply as you're willing to meet yourself.



Are you ready to start cultivating the Conscious Relationships + Sacred, Intimate Union that your heart longs for, once and for all?


You're in the right place, babe.


I can't tell you how often I talk to women who:


unconsciously sabotage deeper connection with others before intimacy even has a chance to begin, because as soon as they start getting close with someone, their fears kick in + insecurities take over


They tell me things like:


"I push away the intimacy I crave, because it makes me feel in control, aka: I reject the other person before I have the chance to potentially be hurt or disappointed, let alone loved and cherished..."




"I know logically that I don't want to connect with emotionally unavailable, avoidant love interests anymore, yet I continue attracting them, like bees to honey, on repeat..."


Can you relate?


If so, Rose Temple is designed just for you.


In this 12-month embodiment journey, I'll help you go from feeling reactive or avoidant in your relationships + insecure about how to sustain deep, conscious intimacy to a more mature woman who embodies devotion, with the self-awareness + emotional mastery to cultivate the Conscious Relationships + Sacred Partnership of her dreams.


The pace is gentle and steady, intentionally spread out over the course of a year...because just as intimacy only gets juicier as you ease your way into connection slowly + intentionally, like a rose you also need time, space, love + nurturing to open into full bloom. 


Rose Temple will lead you back home, to your body, your heart + to love itself.


"Before entering Rose Temple, I struggled to trust my internal feelings and intuition. I was in a spiral cycle of perpetually seeking reassurance from others, almost expecting them to make my feelings and problems go away. I struggled to trust my feelings or make decisions without first "talking it out" with another; subsequently emotionally dumping on those I felt close with. This kept me in a victim state, perpetually re-hashing the same pain points without ever taking responsibility for myself and my actions. My victimhood acted as a righteous excuse to continue to play small and was why my life wasn't going how I wanted. It was other people's fault that I felt so lost and frustrated.

Joining Rose Temple created space for me to practice true intimacy and vulnerability without needing or expecting others to manage my feelings for me. Learning how to self-soothe broke open my heart and strengthened my interpersonal relationships in such profound ways! It helped me to practice self-soothing without simultaneously running away, building walls, or flat out shutting down with others. I learned how to break free from the stories that kept me in a loop, and how to move through my feelings without attaching to those old stories and self-flagellating. There was no room for those old excuses and victimhood anymore!


Rose Temple helped me to utilize the tools that keep me grounded and taught me what devotion means to me. I was reminded that I am able to lean on myself without seeking validation or instant feedback from others. I left Rose Temple as an empowered woman, knowing I have my own back first and foremost. I am safe enough in myself to allow others to hold space for me without needing them to fix my problems and vice versa. I left Rose Temple trusting that my heart + soul always know the way - all I need to do is drop into my body and listen."


-Katie Radecke, Rose Temple 2022



I can support you with this, because I've been where you are...


and I know firsthand what it takes to go from relationships that feel like a dramatic, emotionally-chaotic rollercoaster to peaceful, while still passionate, intimate connections that foster conscious soul growth + playful co-creation.


Only a few years ago, I was stuck in the same patterns of craving deep intimacy, while simultaneously attracting relationships - intimate, platonic, you name it - that were sticky, one-sided + emotionally draining - that left me feeling depleted, devalued + disrespected.


In my mind I knew I deserved better, but because so much of what I was attracting was stemming from deeper, unconscious patterns...I felt frustrated + unsure of how to break this cycle for good.

And now?


My relationships feel like Secure, Nourishing SAFE HAVENS for deeper intimacy, including with my friends + family


In addition to my personal experience + after moving through several intimacy + sensual embodiment trainings with coaches + teachers of my own, then facilitating two consecutive intimate immersions for women (including a year of Rose Temple in 2022), not to mention the hundreds of souls I've mentored 1:1 over the 10+ years I've been an intuitive practitioner, I've been immersed in the realm of Conscious Relationship + Sacred Union for most of my career. 


I truly believe Deep Intimacy, Conscious Relationship + Union are the heart-centered medicine we need right now, individually + collectively, as well as the template for a New Earth. 


ROSE TEMPLE is the space where you'll... 


 -Gain the self-awareness, healthy coping skills + emotional intelligence to become a magnet for the Conscious, Emotionally Available relationships you've been laying in bed praying for night after night, where you truly feel seen, heard + cherished 


 -Become the woman who's SO embodied in her essence + unapologetic self-expression, that she inspires AND activates both women + men with her unshakable courage to be bright + bold, without shrinking or toning it down for fear of how other people will react (aka: overcome your fears of visibility)


-Prepare for the magnetic, passionate kind of intimacy that will go the distance (not just a one-time fling or a hot streak that fizzles out just as quickly), with a romantic partner who's heart-centered, emotionally-attuned + purpose-driven, but who's *also* sexy AF + will ravish you into surrender (aka: you're craving passionate magnetism in your connection + more integrated feminine/masculine energies), instead of continuing to attract emotionally-unavailable, passive or immature love interests who want a mommy to save them, rather than a lover to meet them in their own wholeness


-Learn how to embody your sacred sensuality + primal sexual energy, shamelessly + unapologetically


-Become the psychic baddie you've always wanted to be, so dialed into your own Higher Self that you've got the faith + confidence to take bigger risks + make empowered decisions on your own, without depending on friends, pick-a-card tarot readings, various healers or whatever other outside source for "the answers"...


-Look in the mirror + finally feel hot as fuck, exactly as are you *today* (not later, when you're more fit or happier or glowing or whatever other reason to hold off on radical self-celebration) + also practice bringing that same level of loving kindness to yourself on the days you feel like a hot mess express


-Treat your body as a temple + lavish it with love, reverence, devotion + respect, instead of something that needs to “be fixed” or “punished” 


 -Carve out the space to slow WAY down + cultivate consistency around sacred self-care + mindfulness rituals that are flexible - not rigid or boring as hell - so you actually look forward to showing up for them (+ you know some light group structure will support you with extra accountability, too) + finally say goodbye to rushing through life in burnout mode


-Learn the true meaning of DEVOTION by choosing to fully commit *to yourself* for an entire year - no more running or hiding - because you finally understand that to attract commitment from others, it's gotta start with you



What's gonna happen inside?


During your year inside of Rose Temple, you'll be exploring Devotion, Embodiment, Self-Intimacy + Sacred Union with a unique monthly theme + practices including: guided meditations + visualizations, journal prompts, yogic breathwork, sensual and/or somatic embodiment practices, sacred anger rituals, sexual alchemy practices to channel your life-force energy, conscious relationship exercises + more, as you dive deep into the relationship you have *with yourself*, first and foremost.


Rose Temple is the space for you to build the non-negotiable, healthy inner emotional + energetic foundation that's *absolutely necessary* to support deep intimacy + build sustainable conscious relationships with integrity, instead of collapsing into a pile of mush or turning into an angry control monster when challenges arise. 


In other words: You start embodying the secure, badass babe you've always wanted to be, while also making sure your heart stays soft, open + receptive


What exactly do you receive by joining Rose Temple for a year? 


-access to all 12 modules from Rose Temple 2022, including bonuses + the full Embodied Feminine Bundleplus all new content that gets included as things evolve in 2023 (including the latest Opening to Deeper Intimacy class)



-a monthly group Q+A call, where I'll respond to your questions (which my team will gather in advance bi-monthly via an email questionnaire), answer live questions for those attending (as much as time allows) + leave some time for a few hot-seat coaching spots


-an opportunity to devote an entire year to getting intimately connected with yourself  in a community of powerful, like-minded, conscious women + develop the self-leadership skills you'll need to be the kind of Radiant Woman who creates the life + relationships of her dreams, no excuses 


Rose Temple is designed around 12 monthly themes in a very intentional way, as one month builds on the next. You'll spend one month at a time with a specific theme, starting with Death + Rebirth and ending with Sacred Union.


Each month consists of: an introduction to the theme, a daily meditation and/or embodiment practice that you'll use for the entire month, some journal reflections + resources that vary month to month, like: guided visualizations, yogic breathing practices, trauma-informed sensual + somatic embodiment practices, feminine temple arts (like yoni puja or a jade egg practice), tantric sexual alchemy meditations + more to support your exploration.




ROSE TEMPLE is for you if...


-You yearn for commitment, even if it simultaneously scares the shit out of you, and you understand that to call in deep connection + devotion, you've got to offer that same energy to yourself first


-You've come to the realization that *you* are the common denominator of the repeating patterns in your life, especially where relationships are concerned, + you're ready to fully commit to the inner shift by spending a year getting VERY intimate with yourself 


 -You've had enough of cycles of seeking external validation to feel good about yourself + are willing to do what it takes to finally create the INNER safety + stability you crave


-You've always felt pulled to learn more about Divine Feminine + Masculine Energies, the Magdalene/Priestess archetype + Sacred Sexuality both resonate on a soul level + you know in your heart that you're meant to experience a Conscious Relationship, not just for the bliss of love reflected back to you, but also as a vehicle to raise your consciousness + accelerate your spiritual growth



I KNOW IT'S MY TIME (Pay in Full)
I KNOW IT'S MY TIME (12x Payment Plan)

This definitely isn't for you if...


-You're expecting lots of external guidance to stay motivated behind the scenes; Understand that a core focus for Rose Temple is you developing the ability to lead yourself through daily devotional practices + commitment to deeper self-intimacy; though there's some light structure to keep the space organized, there's zero hand-holding or playing the victim in this container + you've got to be proactive to show up behind the scenes to experience a transformation of any kind


-You've tried my free series, like the Daily Guided Meditations or Awaken Your Inner Priestess, and didn't leave feeling inspired or lit up afterwards (because those are the exact kinds of practices that you'll be doing for an entire year, so if you weren't feeling them, this container won't be a good fit)


-You're turned off or easily offended by blunt truth, dark humor, dirty jokes, profanity or sex 


-Mystical Woo Shit + Hot, Unconventional Shadow Work alla: Existential Kink (the book by Carolyn Elliott, which is one of the three recommended books for the year) don't deeply excite you 


-You don't already have a basic understanding of things like your attachment style in relationship, patterns like codependency (if you're deeply struggling with this, Rose Temple will be a better fit when you're ready to be self-focused + transitioning out of that phase of your healing journey) or if you're experiencing any kind of active trauma or addiction and are not already seeing a therapist or receiving the proper professional support; this is a group coaching space + not a substitute for professional therapy or counseling

"The year I joined Rose Temple, I was seeking a different intimacy with women. I’d never really felt safe opening up to any over the years + I wanted to know why this particular piece was missing.


I also found myself running away in every relationship. I feared true connection, commitment + the responsibilities that came with it. To be honest, I didn’t trust my own judgment. I got a thrill off of “being independent + free", but at what cost? I now had a daughter looking up to me to whom I had to demonstrate something more intimate + authentic. 


When the opportunity to commit to Rose Temple for a full year came, I knew it was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my stuck energy + get me moving in a direction that embodied my deepest truth + longing - for intimacy. Bottom line, I was ready to plunge headfirst into the deep to understand this missing element + why I avoided it. 


As the group unfolded, so did I. This was a space where I was allowed to just put it all out there, without fear of judgment or criticism. And when I did, I was met with women who were facing similar challenges. Rose Temple reminded me that I wasn’t alone.


As I utilized the practices, I found that my devotion to myself was truly lacking. These daily practices gave me guidance & insight into the areas I needed to raise my consciousness + improve. They opened me up on all levels.


Ali taught us to always make time for ourselves, even when it burned inside to do so. Showing up for ourselves was a big lesson that I learned. Not only showing up, but how you show up can make all the difference. When we lost sight of that, Ali held us accountable by asking us to come back to our *why*. She encouraged us to persevere & move through the resistance, which wasn’t easy - but we made it!


Over the course of the year, I learned how to self-soothe + regulate my emotions + take responsibility for myself & my reactions. I developed a whole new relationship with my feelings + how they move throughout my body to release them, as well as understanding my needs. Where most people needed to set boundaries, I realized I needed to let some go. I was blocking myself from what I truly wanted.


Now, I've encountered circles of women that I can call on for support, guidance + emotional intimacy. It feels amazing to find that missing piece of my life that I deeply desired - relationship.


Rose Temple truly set me on a path towards my greatness, to understanding + accepting others, and - most importantly - love. My heart is full."


-Kim, Rose Temple 2022

Want a little taste for free?


Opening to Deeper Intimacy




-You feel called to devote yourself to love + intimacy, but you’ve been struggling with fears of closeness or avoidance of deeper commitment 


-You get excited about the concept of intimacy with someone else, but avoid spending intimate time with yourself on a regular basis


-You spend a lot of time in your head overanalyzing or “trying to figure things out” in relationship + crave a stronger, more intuitive connection to your body to help you relax with the control issues, trust yourself + surrender to love


-You’re longing for a Conscious Relationship + Sacred Partnership, but you’ve been having a hard time staying open to the process without shutting down your heart or running for the hills at the first sign of discomfort or vulnerability


-You want to feel more emotionally secure + less reactive when it comes to your intimate relationships, romantic OR platonic


-You know Sacred Union is your soul’s path + it’s time to get off the fence to go ALL IN on it, because living in the fantasy of it isn’t appealing anymore…you want the real deal, in the flesh, skin on skin, heart to heart


Enter your info below to receive immediate access to the

Opening Deeper to Intimacy FREE 60-minute class. Come play!


on what can happen when you trust slowing down + opening to receive through the embodiment practices ...

on the potency of sexual alchemy as a creativity + manifestation tool...

on the power of putting yourself first

(and clearing patterns of people-pleasing or self-abandonment)...

on cultivating deeper intimacy + more mature, conscious relationship connections...



"Joining Rose Temple was a gift to myself. If you're in need of support with powerful women, I highly suggest you commit to yourself + feel the growth manifest in magical ways!" -Amy
"I feel like my path is so clear + activated..."
"I can't even describe the shifts I'm having. I feel like my path is so clear + activated. I've been creating playlists + clothing to match my new vibes. I've done this kind of manifestation work before, it's a fucking vibe!" - Torie S.

 Here's the Official Playlist to drop into the vibe...

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The first 3 women to join get a *complimentary* 90-minute 1:1 session (valued at $555 USD)... 


P.S. We also have the COVEN (a private group chat in Telegram) available now as a little monthly upgrade inside of Rose Temple, for a boost of extra support month to month! You'll get all the details at checkout if you decide to come into RT for the year.



A part of me always knew that I'd get to where I am today - calm, confident + secure in my own skinheart wide open - even when I couldn't see the light in the tunnel of one painful relationship experience after another...


In my heart, no matter how many challenges I faced, I just felt on a soul level that Divine Love + Deep Intimacy were destined to be a huge part of my path (and dharma, honestly)


Choosing to go all in + devote myself to Conscious Relationship + Sacred Union meant also saying yes to the most intense, activating + expansive work of my life. I'd have to continue meeting all of me in the reflection of the other (shadows included) + lean into my edges, again + again. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 


I don't just understand your deepest heart's desire - to connect soul to soul, to see + be seen in your wholeness, to be embraced with total respect + admiration -  I'm walking this path with you. I don't just talk about it...I'm living + breathing it, too.  


So I'm here to remind you that no matter how tough it gets some days, committing to LOVE will be the best decision of your life. No achievement or accolade or "hitting a goal" will ever compare to the feeling of offering yourself to the altar of true union, being brought to your knees in surrender + loving wholeheartedly, without limits. I promise you that it's worth it.


Let's do this together, babe. 

A. xx