Natural radiance is your birthright. 


A 60-minute Radiance Session is a combination of a holistic health consultation and an intuitive guidance session with discussion about your current concerns (we’ll review your health history form together), advice and recommendations moving forward. Every session is unique. The goal is to provide you with a plan to boost your natural radiance and your physical energy. 


I offer a 30-minute Follow Up to check in after your initial consultation session. During this we will discuss how things are going and may make adjustments or shifts depending on what comes up. You may decide to have a few follow-ups depending on your concerns and the length of time it takes to address them and begin to see results.


A typical length of time working together would be between 3-6 months, so that would often be less than 6 sessions altogether. It really depends person to person. I recommend after the initial 60 minute consult that if you’d like to continue working together more intensively, to schedule a package of 3 Radiance Follow Up Sessions (which includes a small discount). We can decide during that time if you require additional sessions. 


Each session is tailored to each individual in accordance with your Higher Self and whatever you need to know at the time of the session is what will come through for you regarding your individualized steps to greater radiance.  Even if you call with a specific question, if there’s something ELSE that you need to know, trust me that it will come through for you during our time together.  


My wish for every client is to assist in providing holistic health assistance and divine guidance at the time of the reading for conscious transformation and to achieve your own innate radiance from within through the most natural methods possible. 



60 minute Radiance Session/$199 USD

30 minute Radiance Follow Up/$99 USD

Package of 3 Radiance Follow Up Sessions (30 mins each)/$249 USD

* If you’d like to book this package after our initial 60-minute session, you may notify me then or via email at and I’ll invoice you directly via Paypal*



FOR INTERNATIONAL BOOKINGS OUTSIDE OF THE USA: When booking your session, in the phone number section enter 5551234567, as it requires a 10 digit number. 


All sessions are by Skype or by telephone (if you’re located in the domestic USA). All sessions are scheduled for EST (Eastern Standard Time) in the USA, so be sure to check the time difference to ensure you book for the correct time. All session audio will be recorded for you and included in a follow-up email as an mp3 file at no additional cost after your session. Details will be in your confirmation email that you’ll receive upon booking. 


***I will need your Health History Form completed and emailed back to me at at least 24 hours prior to your booking for review. You may download the form here: WORD DOCUMENT FORMAT (to type in your responses/save/email back to me) or PDF FORMAT (to print out/write your responses manually/email back to me). If I don’t receive this form 24 hours prior, I will have to reschedule the appointment according to my availability (which may not be immediately).***

It is your responsibility to have the proper technology installed and to add me as a contact on Skype (check the information in your confirmation email you will receive upon booking) prior to your session, as if this is necessary when your appointment begins, we will subtract the time from your session. I do not have Facetime. The other option for your video call is Google Hangouts, in which case I will need your G-chat name/email to add you as a contact. If you have a telephone number in the domestic U.S.A., we may also do your call by telephone. ***NO REFUND POLICY. You may reschedule no later than 72 hours (3 days) in advance of your originally scheduled appointment.***


To schedule your 60 minute Radiance Session or 30 minute Radiance Follow Up, please click the BOOK NOW button below (or CLICK THIS LINK HERE):  

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