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Conscious Relationship Bundle

All of my most popular Conscious Relationship and Sacred Union tools dating from 2016-2021, from Twin Flame energies to exploring the Feminine/Masculine Polarities to Deep Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality, this bundle offers you a wide range of resources when it comes to New Paradigm Love

Included in this bundle:

  • Waiting vs. Holding Space webinar (37 minutes)
  • Twin Flames: Journey to Self Mastery E-book (40 pages, published on Amazon/Apple)
  • Twin Flames: Journey to Self Mastery full original video playlist from YouTube (30 videos, several hours)
  • Getting Unstuck on the Twin Flame Path: 3-part Video Series (3 hours of videos + 3 PDFs)
  • Men’s Mindfulness for Deep Intimacy: 5-part Video Series (5 videos)
  • Jade Egg Secrets (19 min video + PDF)
  • Shadow to Shekinah - Alchemy of the Dark Feminine Class (1 hour, 19 minutes Video)
  • Return of Venus - 5 week exploration of Sacred Feminine Embodiment (videos, weekly journaling prompts, weekly embodiment exercises + guided meditations)
    • Week 1: Vulnerability
    • Week 2. Expression
    • Week 3: Nurturing and
    • Nourishment
    • Week 4: Union - The Feminine and Masculine Polarities
    • Week 5. Sensuality and Sacred Sexuality
  • Relationship Rehab Workbook (111 page PDF)
  • Feng Shui your Bedroom for Love and Romance (1 hour, 38 minutes; Video + PDF)