I’ve been working with men for many years now in my private healing practice and I’ve come to find that men’s needs differ from the women I work with in my community. The men I’ve connected with have expressed over and over again that their number one desire is to be HEARD and to have a safe, non-judgmental space to share emotions and to ask questions without feeling the pressure to perform or meet certain expectations. Most women are taught from birth that we’re allowed to be emotional and men have been taught the exact opposite – be “strong”, a.k.a. unemotional.  This antiquated myth needs to be dismantled. Men have the highest rates of suicide to date and that’s not an accident; it’s a byproduct of the lack of emotional support and healthy role models for the modern-day evolving, awakening masculine.

Women often have extensive networks for emotional support and men are classically left in the dark, feeling isolated, not knowing how to deal and suppressing their feelings or turning to an intimate partner/close friend whom they trust to share their feelings and experiences. Still, men’s emotional support is often limited and not readily available or men feel shame to reach out and share for fear of it not being “masculine” and that being emotional makes them “weak”. This is the primary reason I feel passionate about creating a safe space for men to connect and heal.

As an example I want to share an excerpt from the chapter entitled, “The Stoic Mask” from author/entrepreneur Lewis Howe’s book, “The Mask of Masculinity: How Men Can Embrace Vulnerability, Create Strong Relationships and Live Their Fullest Lives”, which states:

“A Chicago Tribune article based on the work of Terri Orbuch, PhD – a professor at Oakland University and the University of Michigan who has completed long-term studies on marriage and divorce – describes the situation like this:

Traditional masculinity distances men from having intimate relationships with other men, and it makes them more dependent on their wives for affection, affirmation, and emotional support. This is, then, why it is harder for men after a divorce or a relationship breakup.

When women are stressed, we turn to our friends and are for the most part embraced in our emotional pain. When men are stressed, they often isolate themselves and repress their feelings, which tends to then manifest as chronic depression and physical health issues. Because men have been so deeply conditioned to wear that Stoic Mask (among other “masks”) and are, as such, suffering in silence, I realized the importance of raising awareness around men’s health, particularly their emotional health.

These sessions are an open-format, safe and neutral space for men who are awakening spiritually and emotionally to ask questions and share their experiences for healing purposes. Sometimes the simple act of vulnerably sharing/expressing truth for a man is enough to begin to remove the masks keeping them trapped and blocked from the meaningful, intimate connections they desire (but are struggling to cultivate on their own). Let’s be honest – how many healthy, balanced masculine role models do YOU know in your life right now? Your father/father figure probably had no idea how to teach you, his father had no idea – this issue is generational, cultural and societal. The cycles of male suffering that turn into needless violence have to end. Opening up and connecting with someone who understands is a great first step towards healing.

I offer a 30-minute session to look into 1-2 specific questions that you have OR a 60-minute session if you have several questions or are seeking insight regarding more than one main area in your life. 


30 minute Session/$90 USD

60 minute Session/$180 USD


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All sessions are by Skype or by telephone (if you’re located in the domestic USA). All sessions are scheduled for EST (Eastern Standard Time) in the USA, so be sure to check the time difference to ensure you book for the correct time. All session audio will be recorded for you and included in a follow-up email as an mp3 file at no additional cost after your session.


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