Love Liberated: Aligning with Your Divine Union

Are You Ready to Clear the Space to Align with Divine Love?

Love Liberated: Aligning with Your Divine Union is a 5-module e-course composed of videos, written exercises and bonus meditations that will teach you how to move through the cycles of fear and confusion that are keeping you stuck from feeling liberated and open to attracting divine, spiritual union in your relationships. Each relationship, romantic OR platonic, has the potential to be divine. This potential is cultivated via Unconditional (or Divine) Love. Most relationships are transactional and built upon expectations, which inevitably lead to frustration and disappointment. Relationships built upon divine love consist of people who release expectations and create the space for true union to exist. This introductory course was created to assist you in bringing awareness and healing to what has kept you from creating the new beginnings and relationship abundance you deeply desire, as well as the steps of how to cultivate unconditional love in your life.

Most relationship courses you see online focus SOLELY on the “final goal”, such as “Manifesting Your Soul Mate” or “Finding True Love in 30 Days”, but what they skip are the steps in between that will help you align with divine love, not the conditional love you’re so familiar with right now. What these other courses don’t provide is a clear, relatable, holistic and integrative process to navigate the complex cycles of grief where many people remain trapped for weeks, months or years on end longing and yearning for loving, reciprocal relationships that feel inaccessible or impossible.  The truth is, healthy grieving and moving from conditional to unconditional loving actions are crucial components in raising your emotional and spiritual awareness in love to make the space for the relationships you want and deserve.

In this course you will learn:

Module 1: “Dysfunction Junction: Where Denial and Partners Unite”

  • Various forms of destructive relationship dynamics, especially the sneaky ones you might not be aware of yet that could be keeping you stuck
  • How to bring awareness to your pain
  • Getting to the root of why you continue attracting the same kinds of partners or situations
  • Healing family or tribal beliefs that may be keeping you limited

Module 2: “The Shame Game”

  • The most common reasons why you’ve been caught in cycles of drama, pain or confusion in your relationships
  • Infidelity, unhappy partnerships or marriages and why you continue to stay (even when you know you want to go)
  • The connection between pain and how emotions manifest in your physical body
  • How to make your anger sacred and what happens if you don’t
  • Ways to heal the shame that binds you

Module 3: “When Reality Bites”

  • Maneuver feelings of overwhelm, sadness, hopelessness, fear and loneliness
  • How to realign your emotional set point at any time and in any place (even in the car, on the train, outside, etc.)
  • The Divine Mirror Effect
  • How to gracefully navigate the cycles of depression without staying caught in despair

Module 4: “Before Clarity Comes Chaos”

  • Obsession and when you can’t stop thinking about your ex
  • Compulsive behaviors like jealousy and envy
  • The desire to tell your story when you feel nobody wants to hear it anymore
  • The struggle to find meaning in the pain
  • How to move from fantasy to fulfillment in your relationships

Module 5: “Setting the Stage for Your Next Steps”

  • Prepare yourself for new beginnings so the Universe responds to your requests, including your own Soulmate Script
  • Energetically align yourself in order for your desires to become a reality
  • Create specific love mantras and affirmations to support your new choices
  • Exercise healthy boundaries with others
  • Use your intuition as your best resource and learn specific ways to tune in and trust its guidance

Bonus Materials:

Meditations on Connecting to your Higher Self for Guidance, Self-Love through Self-Compassion and Aligning with Limitless Love + a thorough Appendix of my favorite supplemental resources and recommendations (books, oracle and tarot cards) from my home library

My Intention with this program

My intention with this program is to help raise your awareness about areas in your relationships that are causing pain that you might not be aware of yet and steer you in the direction of clarity, integrative healing and unconditional love.  This e-course is not a substitute for psychotherapy and I am not a licensed mental health professional, therefore I highly recommend that if the course brings up areas of serious concern, it’s advisable to seek out a qualified mental health professional or a wellness professional who resonates with you and offers counseling/healing services to continue to guide you through the process. I worked with a variety of holistic healers along the way in my own journey!


“This course is the culmination of the four most difficult years of my life. The ending of a 10-year corporate career path and starting from scratch in a new city. Then getting fired – more than once. The ending of an 8-year marriage. Then the most challenging relationship/breakup of my life. I was using relationship as my addiction to avoid confronting the pain of loss that I had experienced over and over again throughout my life. I knew that my own emotional codependency and the habit of attracting unavailable partners and people who treated me poorly – both in my professional and personal life –  were a reflection of the inner work I was running from and I realized that until I faced my fears and healed these feelings of unworthiness within myself, nothing was going to change. My relationships were conditional and based in unrealistic expectations. I had no idea what the concept of unconditional love was until my most recent relationship ended.

After working with hundreds of clients who were experiencing the same discomfort and frustration as myself, I knew it was my mission to create specific tools to navigate this complex process of  love, loss and rebirth. My hope and desire for every person that participates in this course is that you finally have the support to move out of unnecessary pain and suffering and the opportunity to experience not just connection, but also deep spiritual bonds, not just a partnership, but also union and not only love – but also divine love.

From my heart to yours, Alison.”

Client Feedback on Love Liberated 

“Alison’s Love Liberated course has helped me on the path back to self-love and empowerment. The tools/exercises in this course have guided me to deeper inner healing. She has laid a beautiful foundation that guided me in becoming more aware of my limiting beliefs and blocks back to unconditional love. I had no idea where to start before finding her work and I am forever grateful for her light and support along the way!”- Samantha G., Wisconsin

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Love Liberated: 45 minute Clarity Session

Is this course for the Twin Flame Community?

Love Liberated: Aligning with Your Divine Union E-Course is also absolutely designed for the twin flame community (even though it’s not specifically titled for Twin Flames) and was created with this group in mind after hundreds of sessions revolving around the twin flame dynamic. It’s certainly a course for those interested in personal and spiritual development and who wish to enter into conscious relationships that serve a higher purpose, besides the relationship itself. This self-directed e-course contains the pieces I felt are missing from the current market of twin flame/soul mate relationship resources and is intended for deeper healing purposes.

Love Liberated came from hundreds of 1:1 sessions

Each client that called me for a 1:1 advising session had more or less the same concern – “How do I stop the suffering around my twin flame/soul connection and/or let this go so I can live a happier life and/or attract a new partner?” and so I compiled the resources I used that worked successfully for those clients to break free from their frustrating situations and expanded on that to create a more in-depth, extensive version of my 1:1 sessions in this new digital resource for you.

The feedback I’ve received time and time again from my 1:1 sessions with clients is that afterwards they feel clear and, after putting the resources I shared in my follow-up to work, liberated from the intense pain and suffering and aligned with unconditional love. Liberation and Union are the focus of this new e-course.

I discovered after hundreds of calls revolving around the twin flame dynamic that it wasn’t focusing on a desired end result (being together in a partnership) that was helping people heal; if anything, it was creating more angst and feelings of lack because the desired result wasn’t happening.

Love Liberated will help you work through pain and suffering and align with the unconditional love that DOES lead to harmonious union

I realized that the cycles of GRIEF are the sticky web where most people are caught that are experiencing any form of pain, suffering, fear, resistance or frustration. Before exploring these different stages and coming to a clearer understanding of why they’re occuring, there’s really no chance for a healthy, empowered and interdependent relationship. As the law of attraction states, like attracts like, so the reality is that those who didn’t do the recommended exercises from our session naturally fell back into cycles of pain, suffering and drama with their equally angst-ridden (or unavailable) twin flame or soul mates. The clients that completed the exercises and put them into practice in their personal lives saw dramatic shifts – some very quickly, as little as days or weeks after the initial session. It’s YOUR effort and dedication and commitment to yourself that creates lasting changes.

Love Liberated is based on the steps I took personally to come to a place of higher awareness, understanding and acceptance myself (particularly around my twin flame connection, but also other frustrating/confusing relationships in my life), as well as the guidance I’ve shared with clients who’ve had tremendous success implementing these steps over the past few years.

All content contained in my videos and/or written on this site relates solely to my knowledge, experience and opinion and is for personal development purposes only. I am not a medical doctor, therapist/counselor or licensed mental health professional. You alone are responsible for your choices, decisions or actions in life. Any use of information included on this site is at your own risk and know that you are responsible for what you do with the information you choose to receive from this website and blog. Those under 18 years of age should not use this site except with adult supervision. Any information received here should not be used in place of professional medical and/or psychological treatment.