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Are you curious about the tarot and how to read the cards but haven’t been sure where to start?


Want to learn the deeper meanings of all 78 cards and get more familiar with the Rider Waite tarot system (which is THE CLASSIC to learn and what most decks are modeled after), along with my personal methods to more easily memorize the cards?


Would you like to learn how to do a proper tarot reading, including the keys to use the popular Celtic Cross 10-card spread for a more in-depth reading and shorter 2, 3 and 4-card spread examples for quicker readings?


In this fun, simple 6 module self-study webinar series, you’ll learn at your own pace:

* the most common meanings of all 78 tarot cards with my own personal spin to more easily memorize them
*an in-depth explanation of both the Major and Minor Arcana
* the celtic cross 10-card spread and how to interpret each position of the cross
* additional shorter 2, 3 and 4-card spread examples to utilize in a reading
*how to interpret the cards in a tarot reading
*how the tarot will help you develop and strengthen your own intuition
*over 10 hours of content and instruction on the webinars (these are the replay videos with accompanying pdf documents for each weekly module from the live 6-week series I ran)
There is also a private Facebook group, Learning the Tarot, included as part of this program for additional support and to connect and practice with other students.
(The link to join with group password will be in your welcome email upon purchase.)


To purchase your Rider Waite tarot deck for the course from Amazon: 


Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email from info@alisonlessard.com // Alison Lessard entitled “Welcome to Learning the Tarot E-Course // Access the Course Content” with the video replays, pdf downloads for the six modules and the link/password to join the private Facebook group. 

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