Utilizing jade (or yoni) eggs is an ancient practice for vitality and sexual health for women and is one of the best ways to awaken your natural radiance and magnetism via the power of your own innate Divine Feminine energy.


Not only is a jade egg practice a way to heal sexual blockages or past pain, but it also clears your energy to attract love, abundance and dramatically boosts your creative manifesting potential.


In this introductory e-course, which consists of an introductory video and e-book, you’ll learn:


*What is a jade (or yoni) egg?
*How to choose your jade (or yoni) egg (I do provide links in the e-book to some reputable websites where I’ve purchased eggs) 
*Why a jade egg practice will increase your radiance and make you a magnet for the things you most desire
*Brief history of the Taoist sexual arts from Ancient China and the connection to the Divine Feminine energies
*Multiple benefits of using your jade egg, including easing premenstrual symptoms, heightening libido, activating powerful healing hormones to help balance the endocrine system, as well as toning the vaginal canal for increased pleasure and clearing your subtle energy bodies
*How to strengthen your pelvic floor and why it will change your sex life forever
*The key yoni exercise for greater pleasure, strength and increased sensitivity
*Meditations and energy/auric clearing practices from the Taoist sexual arts and kundalini yoga to prepare to use your jade egg
*How to use the jade egg and a few select practices to begin a regular routine

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