a 90-minute Intuitive Clarity Session is our opportunity to connect in a 1:1 setting, just you and I, with laser-focus about the intimate details of your particular questions or challenges.


I use a combination of channeled intuitive guidance, sometimes I pull out the tarot or oracle cards (we love some extra magic) and I may even guide you through a meditation or embodiment practice. Every session is completely unique and individualized.


I'll receive your completed questionnaire (you'll receive this brief form after you confirm your appointment) that I'll review in advance so we make the absolute MOST of our time together! 


Whether you're desiring more clarity in your relationship, in your soul-led business or on your spiritual path, this is the place to start when you're ready for personalized, individualized and unique intuitive support.

"I’m on track to make my first 5-figure month…"
"I’ve unlocked some VERY passionate energy in my relationship…"

90 minute Zoom Call to offer you clarity & intuitive guidance on: 

  • Whatever your questions or challenges are at this time - we can dive into love/relationship, your soul-led business, financial issues or your spiritual path
  • I use a combination of channeled messages (whatever comes through as we're talking, this is a very intuitive flow) and/or tarot/oracle card reading (I love to pull these out for extra magic!) and I may even guide you through a meditation or embodiment practice. Every session is completely unique and individualized. 
  • You'll receive a short questionnaire when you confirm your appointment and I'll review your responses in advance before our call, so that we can hone in and make the absolute MOST of our 90 minutes together

$0 to 70K the Sexually Embodied Way


*for spiritual coaches, healers & soulpreneurs*


In this 90-minute juicy class, we'll dive into how to create true abundance and sustainable prosperity in your soul-led business from a relaxed, sensually and sexually embodied state, because your Conscious Business is an extension of you and your devotion