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3 Keys to Ditching Relationship Drama for Good

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During this 90 minute webinar, you will learn to:


Make a clear decision if you’re struggling with  “should I stay or should I go?”

Attract emotionally available partners

Stop settling for less than you deserve

Bring in the deep soul connections you desire and make space for love

Tap into your Higher Self as your best resource when it comes to your relationships


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What is it like to work with Alison?

“My work with Alison Lessard has been so inspiring, that it truly changed my life. She is a profound teacher and practices what she preaches. Her candid, refreshing approach will give you the confidence you need to make positive changes starting with yourself, and then following with all your relationships.” Melissa, New York City

“My work with Alison, as well as her insightful weekly videos, have fundamentally changed the way I understand relationships. The intense focus on the self – self improvement, healing and personal development – squarely set the responsibility on me as the catalyst for fulfilling, lasting and ultimately beautiful relationships with every person in my life. I’m really grateful for such solid but inspiring guidance!” – Floydd, Singapore

“I cannot believe how my life has changed since working with Alison. Not just in my relationship journey, but in my life in general. I felt instantly at ease, like talking to someone whom I had known for a lifetime. It’s so comforting to also know she can relate, as she’s been through the same experience and made it through with such a positive outlook.” Anne-Marie, Western Australia

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