Do you want to start a metaphysical business, such as offering tarot readings or energy healing services?


Do you have a current online platform (like a blog or social media pages) and want to shift into the metaphysical arts?


Are you having a branding identity crisis and need help transitioning into a new look/feel or new services that are in alignment with who you’re becoming?


Do you have a metaphysical business that isn’t really making you any money or gaining followers? Do you want to know what adjustments to make for a clear brand that easily attracts your ideal clients?


If you’ve got questions about starting or improving your own metaphysical/healing arts/spiritually based online business, I’m here to assist. You may be a tarot or oracle card reader, a body worker, a reiki master, etc. If you want to start an online business in the metaphysical arts, I’m here to answer your questions about what that entails and the kind of resources you’ll need. 


I’ve got almost 10 years under my belt as a solo spiritual entrepreneur and have been in sales/customer service since I was 14 years old!


TRUE STORY (where it all began) – When I was turning 14, I wanted out of my babysitting gig. I wanted to be around adults and I wanted more responsibility (and more money). I began harassing the owner of a tiny ice cream shop (essentially a shed in a parking lot – actual picture to the right) that was a local institution weekly for a job and he kept telling me I was too young. Well, being persistent and relentless as I am, I kept showing up to make a case for myself, telling him how committed I would be and how much I wanted a REAL job despite my age – no more babysitting – and he finally made an exception for me. By the age of 16, I was managing the shop! NOTE: PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF! I have carried that experience with me through my entire career. When I want something, I never give up. You may need to be flexible and change your strategy, but your passion is what will drive you if you want to make it as an entrepreneur. You need to be so passionate about what you’re doing, that you’ll sacrifice time, money and more to commit for the long-run. My business took me years to build and it’s an evolution that changes as I grow, too. It was NOT an overnight success. 


I worked in high-end luxury hospitality on the top team in the company in sales and marketing for years in New York City before moving to Miami to begin my career in the healing arts (literally from scratch) several years ago. 


I started all my many forms of businesses (from a blog as a Holistic Health Coach, to a YouTube channel with healthy cooking tips, to many edits that have led to my current business) on my own with little to no outside support (because I had NO MONEY starting out and needed to be resourceful, as do most entrepreneurs) and, although it’s been successful, I know how challenging it is to get things rolling in your own business. 


I also went into some considerable debt starting my business. The truth of the matter is that most people don’t discuss the dirty details of what starting a metaphysical business entails. That’s why I’m here for you! 


Although I am not providing long-term business coaching (there are plenty of people out there who do exactly that, yet it can be pricey for a newbie and you may not need THAT much assistance to get started), I am absolutely available to answer questions about getting started, websites, marketing, branding, visuals, sales techniques, sales copy and more.


I’m happy to give you feedback about your ideas or point you in the direction of the right person to assist (for example. I have an amazing website technician who I often recommend to people just starting out). There are so many metaphysical practitioners who are highly skilled at their craft but are clueless about the practical side of business, which is why many struggle to expand and succeed financially. We need it ALL in order to make it these days – skills and practical knowledge! 


I created these sessions, because I was receiving a lot of requests via email and private messages for business advice and wanted to have time slots available that are centered specifically around business strategy (as opposed to using the tarot). I am an intuitive, so obviously some of my guidance may be that, but overall these sessions are to answer your questions and to get you going with ideas and/or the right resources to continue building your own metaphysical business. 


Business Advising Sessions are:

30 minutes/$90 USD

60 minutes/$180 USD

All session are by Skype or by telephone (if you’re located in the domestic USA).



30 Minute Session: This session is designed more for feedback about what you’ve already got created and running and not so much for brainstorming. We can cover a few key points and room for improvement, like your branding and sales copy for example, as I’ll look over your website/social media/blog in advance and give you my list of tips and feedback during the call

60 minute Session: This longer session is necessary if you don’t yet have an online platform set-up or if you need considerable assistance in multiple aspects of your business. This also gives us a chance to discuss more of your vision for your business and to create an action plan of practical next steps to get you set-up

FOR INTERNATIONAL BOOKINGS OUTSIDE OF THE USA: When booking your session, in the phone number section enter 5551234567, as it requires a 10 digit number. 


All sessions are scheduled for EST (Eastern Standard Time) in the USA, so be sure to check the time difference to ensure you book for the correct time. All session audio will be recorded for you and included in a follow-up email as an mp3 file at no additional cost after your session.



It is your responsibility to have the proper technology installed and to add me as a contact on Skype (check the information in your confirmation email you will receive upon booking) prior to your session, as if this is necessary when your appointment begins, we will subtract the time from your session. I do not have Facetime. The other option for your video call is Google Hangouts, in which case I will need your G-chat name/email to add you as a contact. If you have a telephone number in the domestic U.S.A., we may also do your call by telephone. NO REFUND POLICY. You may reschedule no later than 72 hours (3 days) in advance of your originally scheduled appointment.



If you already have a website set up and/or social media handles (Facebook/Instagram/YouTube for example), please send all links to me prior to your appointment so I’m able to make notes to discuss with you.



To schedule your 30-minute or 60-minute business advising session, please click the BOOK NOW button below (or CLICK THIS LINK HERE):

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