About Alison Lessard

Alison Lessard, Founder of Lessard Luxury Wellness, is a wellness expert with an extensive background in holistic health and beauty and has been helping people grow and heal naturally since the start of her career. What began as an obsession with scents and skincare products as a child and then more than one health crisis in adulthood led Alison to seek a path of holistic healing from the inside out.  Over the years, she detoxified her lifestyle and realized that what we put in our body affects us as much as what is in our mind. Healing with foods wasn’t enough. Emotional healing was necessary. Spiritual healing was needed. It really was a holistic journey.

Alison has authored numerous digital educational resources on relationship healing and intuitive development. She’s brought clarity and understanding to thousands of people navigating the spiritual awakening process via her Youtube videos and her goal is to continue to provide resources to help people live healthier, more radiant lives with the most natural methods possible. She’s combined her 10+ years in the luxury service industry with her extensive background in the healing arts to create her company, focused on the art of mindful living. Natural radiance is our birthright; we simply need the proper tools to embody it.

Alison’s next two ventures are a Youtube series on Natural Beauty Blogging, specializing in helping people detoxify their beauty/skincare routines (particularly to heal inflammation) and launching Lessard Feng Shui, offering online consultations to bring harmony to your home environment.


A sought-out wellness advisor, Alison has been featured in Ocean Drive Magazine, Coveteur, Racked, Bustle, Total Beauty, MindBodyGreen, and on Own Your Power Radio as an expert in astrology, sexuality/wellness and intuition. When she’s not busy writing, speaking or blogging about natural beauty on Youtube and Instagram @alison.lessard, Alison can be found enjoying an espresso, studying feng shui and advocating for men’s health through her social media campaign, You Are Not Alone (#youarenotalone). 
After working in high-end sales and luxury hospitality for over 10 years, Alison took a huge leap of faith and followed her heart’s desire, moving from Manhattan to Miami Beach. There, she integrated her vast wisdom and professional experiences in health, spirituality and her passion for all things luxurious. Creating her first company, Holistic Heroine, in 2011, she’s expanded to include new healing modalities with Lessard Luxury Wellness, LLC.
Stemming from her service experience with international luxury brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, Trump SoHo and Canyon Ranch Resort Miami Beach, Alison naturally incorporates elegance into her courses, seminars and retreats. 

Education & Training

Alison graduated Magna Cum Laude/Phi Beta Kappa from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication / Fine Arts. She was awarded the singular Wilburn Sims Award in a department of over 500 students. Alison received her holistic health coaching certification from the widely-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is also a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, certified feng shui consultant, certified NLP practitioner, astrologer, akashic records consultant, level 3 reiki master, tarot reader, licensed massage therapist and has previously been both a barre instructor and Equinox-certified pilates mat instructor. After college, Alison lived in Florence, Milan and Paris before finally landing in New York City. She currently resides in a lovely zen den in South Florida and considers herself a citizen of the world.

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