Want to learn the secrets of how the zodiac and specific planets provide deeper insight to enhance your relationships and sex life?

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Are you curious about astrology but haven’t been sure where to start (+ you’ve wanted a class that’s easy to follow + affordable)?


Want to learn to understand yourself and others on a completely new (and deeper) level?


Ready to know the real truth behind terms like “Mercury retrograde” and “your Saturn return” or how planets and signs are compatible when it comes to your love life + career?


Would you like to learn how to read an astrology chart (a natal birth chart) + what it says about your personality/your soul purpose/your relationships/karmic energies to balance…(and then study all your friends/family/partners!)?


In this fun, simple 4-week video series, you’ll learn:

* how to read an astrological natal chart (we’ll work with your personal natal chart in the classes) 
* the 12 zodiac signs, meanings + archetypes of each
* the 12 houses of an astrology chart
* the meaning + essence of the main 10 planets
* the meaning behind asteroids chiron, lilith + the true nodes (north and south)
* bonus class on house cusps, interceptions, simple aspects (conjunctions, squares, oppositions, sextiles + trines), simple transits + how to read an ephemeris (to check your personal transits without needing astrology software)
There is also a private Facebook group, Astrology with Ali Courses, included as part of this program for additional support, learning and practice with other students.
(The link to join will be in your welcome email upon purchase.)

Purchase below to receive access to the video course for $79:

You will receive an email from info@alisonlessard.com // Alison Lessard entitled “Welcome to Astrology Basics 101 with Ali! // Video + PDF Access” with all four modules, including the video replays and pdf presentation for each module. Included in that email is also a list of recommended astrology books for additional learning. Check your Promotions or SPAM folders if you don’t see it  arrive shortly after you purchase.

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