Astrology Readings

A 60-minute Astrology Reading is an overview of your natal birth chart, especially focused on karmic points like the North/South Nodes and Saturn to give insight to important soul lessons and life purpose. In addition to an overview of key points in your individual natal chart and current planetary transits that are affecting your chart (so you understand how the current astrological energies are affecting you personally), I also read the chart intuitively, so an assortment of channeled guidance comes through in a session. Every session is unique.


I offer a 30-minute Cosmic Update to look at current transits, so if you want some quicker guidance and personalized energy updates as to how the current cosmic energies are affecting your natal chart, this is a great session for that. This is NOT an in-depth natal chart interpretation (that requires more time, so if you’d like a deeper chart analysis, please schedule the 60-minute reading). If you’d like more than one of these Cosmic Updates, I recommend them quarterly (so every 2-3 months during the year). 


Each session is tailored to each individual in accordance with your Higher Self and whatever you need to know at the time of the reading is what will come through for you.  Even if you call with a specific question, if there’s something ELSE that you need to know, trust me that it will come through for you during our time together.  


The purpose of the session isn’t to make future predictions, although at times things arise in regards to the future, but rather to prepare you for potential energies and to create the sacred space to deepen your connection to your true vibration, your soul’s highest frequency, which is where together we activate your purest source of guidance. The sessions are most beneficial when you are open to the flow of where Spirit directs us to go and are willing to participate in the healing process as an active creator of your own experience. My wish for every client is to assist in providing divine guidance at the time of the reading, what you need to know at that moment, for conscious transformation. Everything you need is revealed to you in divine timing and divine order for your highest good. 


60 minute Astrology Reading/$199 USD

30 minute Cosmic Update/$97 USD



FOR INTERNATIONAL BOOKINGS OUTSIDE OF THE USA: When booking your session, in the phone number section enter 5551234567, as it requires a 10 digit number. 


All sessions are by Skype or by telephone (if you’re located in the domestic USA). All sessions are scheduled for EST (Eastern Standard Time) in the USA, so be sure to check the time difference to ensure you book for the correct time. All session audio will be recorded for you and included in a follow-up email as an mp3 file at no additional cost after your session. I will need your exact birth time for the most accurate reading. I may do a reading without exact birth time, but it will be more general. Details will be in your confirmation email that you’ll receive upon booking. 


It is your responsibility to have the proper technology installed and to add me as a contact on Skype (check the information in your confirmation email you will receive upon booking) prior to your session, as if this is necessary when your appointment begins, we will subtract the time from your session. I do not have Facetime. The other option for your video call is Google Hangouts, in which case I will need your G-chat name/email to add you as a contact. If you have a telephone number in the domestic U.S.A., we may also do your call by telephone. NO REFUND POLICY. You may reschedule no later than 72 hours (3 days) in advance of your originally scheduled appointment. 


To schedule your 30 minute Cosmic Update or 60 minute Astrology Reading, please click the BOOK NOW button below (or CLICK THIS LINK HERE):  

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